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From the uninterruptible power and precision cooling systems that protect the world's most critical data centers to innovative solutions designed specifically for small and midsize business, Liebert represents technology leadership that translates into improved performance and utilization of information technology systems. Liebert power and cooling technologies deliver a high return on investment by preventing the downtime that can cripple a business. But their value extends beyond providing the highest possible IT system availability. Liebert technologies are designed to help companies address and manage the continuous change that is occurring in technology systems. They enable a dynamic critical infrastructure that reduces the time and cost associated with growing, reconfiguring or consolidating IT systems and facilities. Liebert technologies are also a critical part of a comprehensive program to increase the efficiency and reduce operating costs of IT facilities. Innovative Liebert power and cooling technologies can drive down energy costs while capacities

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Webcast: SMBs: Get More with Less with Dynamic, Flexible IT Cooling

by Mary Ann LiebertJun 10, 2009

As high density and virtualized servers cause heat densities to rise in small and midsized data centers, cooling takes on a more important role in protecting IT equipment. While some small enterprises may have been able to rely on building air conditioning in the past, with higher capacities and densities comes the need for precision IT cooling and even high density cooling. This Webcast will examine cost-effective strategies for cooling network closets, IT rooms and small and midsized data centers to protect mission-critical equipment and ensure its longevity, increase availability and reduce total cost of ownership.

Featured Speaker:
Matt Kightlinger, Director of Solutions
Liebert Products and Services
Emerson Network Power

Join Matt Kightlinger, director of solutions marketing for the Liebert Products business of Emerson Network Power, to learn best practices for protecting IT equipment with efficient cooling strategies, as well as opportunities for reducing costs by preventing system downtime and enhancing energy efficiency. Then see how several small and midsized businesses across the country protect their networks and reduce costs by implementing their own precision cooling strategies.

Whitepaper: Mobile e-Health: The Unwired Evolution of Telemedicine

by Mary Ann LiebertJan 01, 2008

Time and space constitute barriers between health-care providers and their patients and among health-care providers. Patients in rural areas, on a space shuttle flight, at accident scenes, en route to a hospital, in a submarine, etc., are often physically remote to appropriate care providers. Telecommunication technologies have presented themselves as a powerful tool to break the barriers of time and space. With the introduction of high-bandwidth, digital communication technologies, it is possible to deliver audio, video, and waveform data to wherever and whenever needed.