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Whitepaper: WebMethods Fabric 7.0: Accelerating Business Process Improvement

by webMethodsJan 01, 2008

This paper is published by webMethods provides an overview of the types of business and IT requirements that webMethods Fabric addresses, the value that Fabric offers in solving these needs, and the key components of the solution. In addition, the document also highlights Fabric’s advantages as an integrated suite versus using point products for addressing company’s business process integration requirements.

Whitepaper: BPM - The Next Stage For Continuous Process Improvement

by webMethodsJan 01, 2008

This paper published by webMethods describes Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) programs like Six Sigma and Lean which have created over 100 billion dollars in savings and unleashed breakthrough opportunities in businesses and organizations of all sizes and types. But for many reasons, these methodologies have for the most part been implemented independent of enterprise information systems, severely limiting the reach and effectiveness of CPI. But now, Business Process Management (BPM) solutions are uniting the capabilities of process management platforms and CPI methods, enabling organizations to dramatically extend the best practices of CPI across their enterprise and throughout their value chains.

Whitepaper: SOA Governance: Enabling Sustainable Success With SOA

by webMethodsJan 01, 2008

The art and discipline of managing outcomes consistent with measurable preconditions and expectations through structured relationships, procedures and policies applied to the organization and utilization of distributed capabilities that may be under the control of different ownership domains. This white paper from webMethods offers a practical explanation of SOA governance, where governance should be applied and the technologies to consider when putting an SOA governance system into place. By making governance an up-front part of SOA implementation strategy, one will greatly enhance the chances of success and achieving a lasting return on the SOA investments.