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Whitepaper: Actively Monitoring Peers in KAD

by Institut EurecomJan 01, 2008

The Institut Eurecom reports some of the findings obtained from crawling KAD, the largest currently deployed DHT. Results on the peer arrival and departure process, peer availability, remaining uptime could not be presented here. Full crawl allowed to identify some occurrences of abnormal behavior, which have not been reported before and which are caused by modified KAD clients. Using the observations of a partial crawl the peers that joined KAD for the first time are identified. Most of the KAD peers will stay only for short time, while a small percentage of peers will remain in KAD for week.

Whitepaper: Link-Layer Fragmentation and Retransmission Impact on TCP Performance in 802.11-Based Networks

by Institut EurecomJan 01, 2008

This research paper examines the behavior of TCP in 802.11-based networks. The focus of the work discussed is mainly on the effect of the fragmentation and frames retransmission handled at the MAC layer on the TCP end-to-end performance. The packet loss rate and the end-to-end delay of TCP connections are analyzed and evaluated. Some preliminaries relationships between the estimated TCP retransmission time-out and the maximum number of retransmissions at the MAC level are derived.

Whitepaper: On the Interaction Between Internet Applications and TCP

by Institut EurecomJan 01, 2008

This white paper spotlights on inactive traffic measurement techniques that collect traces of TCP packets and analyze them to derive. The seminal work of Zhang has shown that in more than 50% of the TCP connections observed it is not the network that limits the throughput but rather the application or mechanisms such as TCP slow start or a too small a receiver window. For this reason, this white paper suggests a standard method that partitions the packets of a TCP trace in bulk data transfer and in application limited periods.