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Whitepaper: Conceptual Modeling and Code Generation for Rich Internet Applications

by Politecnico di MilanoJan 01, 2008

This research paper from Politecnico di Milano addresses conceptual modeling and automatic code generation for Rich Internet Applications, a variant of Web-based systems bridging desktop and thin-client Web interfaces. It shows how classical Web modeling concepts are not enough to capture the specificity of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications), extend an existing Web modeling language, and provide an implementation of a CASE tool for visual modeling and code generation from RIA-aware specifications.

Whitepaper: Video Quality Assessment From the Perspective of a Network Service Provider

by Politecnico di MilanoJan 01, 2008

The problem of quality assessment for video data transmission over packet networks is a very innovative and challenging topic. This white paper discusses the problem of estimating the quality of a decoded video that is transmitted over an unreliable packet-switched network. The goal is to allow the encoder to calculate the expected decoder distortion without any direct comparison between the original and the decoded sequence. This paper mainly answers the question is how accurate ROPE distortion estimate is in the case of a single realization, i.e., in the case of distortion estimate for a single user.

Whitepaper: wHospital: A Web-Based Application With Digital Signature for Drugs Dispensing Management

by Politecnico di MilanoJan 01, 2008

wHospital is the result of an information technology research project, based on the utilization of a web based application for managing the hospital drugs dispensing. The prototype application, for a single hospital Operative Unit, has focused on data and process management, related to drug therapy. Following a multifaceted selection process, the Infective Disease OU of the Hospital Lombardia, was chosen for the development and prototype implementation. The project lead time, from user requirement analysis to training and deployment was approximately 8 months. This white paper highlights the applied project methodology, the system architecture, and the achieved preliminary results.

Whitepaper: Multi-Layer Network Design With Multicast Traffic and Statistical Multiplexing

by Politecnico di MilanoJan 01, 2008

The new packet services and applications are thoroughly changing not only traffic demands but also the architecture of transport networks. Adding packet layer support into backbone nodes is measured an important opportunity by telecom carriers that want to integrate packet technologies of the access and metropolitan networks within their networks to improve efficiency and flexibility. In this circumstance, Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is at the moment the most promising and popular packet technology. The resulting new network architecture requires new models and methodologies for designing the network in a cost efficient way.