The DevOps Challenge

Jan 08, 2014


IT leaders need to stop lying to themselves. Sure, Agile development and virtualized datacenters help them deliver better results, but have technology organizations really made the leaps necessary to improve IT reliability and, even more important, IT's ability to pounce when the business sees opportunity? Instead, IT organizations struggle to keep up with never-ending changes to their tech environments, especially when installing and upgrading applications. On one side, the IT operations zealots want to keep the environments as stable as possible, since they're judged on uptime and cost. On the other side, the crazy developers want to constantly change or add apps, since they're praised for pushing new features to customers, partners, and employees.

The desire to resolve this tension explains the growing lovefest for DevOps, an IT methodology that promises improved reliability and efficiency, lower costs, faster response times, and better communications among teams. Twitter, Netflix, and Facebook say they wouldn't be able to implement their tech strategies without DevOps. Eight of 10 companies in our InformationWeek DevOps Survey adopting DevOps approaches say they've realized or expect to see at least some improvement in app deployment speed and infrastructure stability as a result.

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