Moving your PowerBuilder Application to the Web

by SAP

Oct 22, 2012

Download Today's Internet-connected world virtually requires that all companies leverage the power of the Internet. There is a wide and sometimes bewildering array of techniques available to PowerBuilder programmers to move all or part of their PowerBuilder logic to the Internet. A process-based approach to examining which aspects of the application should be moved to the Internet, combined with an intelligent refactoring of the application and an understanding of your company's technology stack will maximize your organization's PowerBuilder investment.

 Options for PowerBuilder customers moving the all or part of an application to the web include using PowerBuilder .NET Windows Forms, PowerBuilder .NET Web Forms, the PowerBuilder Web DataWindow, CITRIX or Terminal Services, and Appeon. It is also possible to move selected processes or tasks to a web-based role after doing some analysis. This paper will present decision-frameworks for determining how much of the application should be moved to the Internet, as well as a present the tradeoffs between techniques, to help the audience decide which technique will prove most beneficial.