Schneider Electric Improves Product Quality While Saving Over 2,500 Engineering Hours with Coverity

Jan 20, 2010

Download Schneider Electric (Schneider) is a global leader in energy management, developing solutions to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, and productive from plant to plug.

Schneider Electric has adopted Coverity to improve product quality and software integrity while reducing development costs and re-focusing resources on innovation, benefits which have been realized within the development organization, across the company, and supported at the highest level within Schneider Electric management.

�We run the analysis from a centralized team and send out an email one week later announcing the results are available for the developers to review. If there is ever a delay in getting this information out to the developers, they come to us and seek it out. Not a single developer did this in the past. Now we have developers demanding Coverity.� - Frank Klosek, Qualimetry and Senior Technical Manager