IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities

by IBM

May 18, 2012

Download What if cities could improve services for their citizens without increasing costs? Cities are complex organizations, with numerous departments in charge of a wide range of essential functions, from water management to public safety. Collaboration across those groups is critical for addressing crises, successfully completing projects and enhancing the efficiency of daily operations.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities offers a centralized, real-time collaborative environment for planning, organizing, monitoring and sharing information across city departments and agencies. It processes data feeds and event information from individual departments and then presents that information in a citywide view.

In the event of a large-scale emergency, an official at a disaster site can assess the situation and send a report to the operations room via a web-based portal while simultaneously learning that more rescue personnel are on the way. Meanwhile, agency representatives can view report details together, begin communicating instantly and start developing a recovery plan. Collaboration capabilities help accelerate resolution of problems, reduce the impact of crises and minimize the resources needed for getting work done.