IT Pro Impact: Microsoft/Skype

May 31, 2011


IT Pro Impact: Microsoft/Skype

First, the good news: Microsoft has picked up the one unified communications company that has become a household name. Skype’s popularity can’t be a bad thing for Redmond. Frankly, even if Microsoft took a “hands off” approach to Skype, adjusted the monetization model and simply let it grow, that would be a good thing for shareholders.

But no. Microsoft’s bread and butter is the enterprise market, and benign neglect won’t be the strategy employed. In this IT Pro Impact report, we analyze responses by 463 business technology pros to our questions about the merger and share the one thing Microsoft must do to gain enterprise IT buy-in.


Survey Name: InformationWeek Analytics Desktop Videoconferencing Survey
Survey Date: May 2011
Region: North America
Number of Respondents: 463

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