Research: Well-Integrated Web Presence

Oct 25, 2010



Strategies and Practices to Create Cohesive Consumer-Facing Online Sites

We all talk a good game about the importance of our enterprise Web sites, yet 44% of the 326 respondents to InformationWeek Analytics’ 2010 Corporate Web Presence Survey rated their customer-facing Web setups average to poor. The problem: We’ve patched together sites and systems over time with little regard for the end-user experience.

Nearly 45% of business technology professionals told us they run more than five separate sites (14% run more than 50 sites), while only 39% of those with customer-facing Web services offer integrated cross-site navigation and search, and only 56% provide single sign-on. Not only is this a turnoff for customers, employees and business partners, but it reflects directly on our competency as IT professionals.

Can we clean up our Web 2.0 mess and help the enterprise improve and expand its business online? There’s hope, but we need a cohesive strategy and a clear, enforceable set of best practices to simplify access, nav and search, incorporate social networking and tighten security. It’s time for IT, working collaboratively with the business office, sales, marketing and customer service, to guide this essential change. 

Read our analysis and recommendations, including a risk vs. rewards impact assessment and a framework for best practices. (R1550810)


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