Apple in the Enterprise: iOS, OS X Buyer's Guide

Feb 11, 2013


You Mean We Have A Choice?

While few IT shops have any choice about widely supporting iOS, the same is not true -- yet, anyway -- of Macintosh desktops and laptops. Our InformationWeek Apple Outlook Survey of 574 business technology professionals (331 laptop, desktop or mobile device decision-makers and 243 end users) does show OS X enjoying the "halo effect" of the hugely popular iOS. But is it smart for enterprises to heavily invest in desktops and laptops from what is, at heart, a consumer-focused provider?

To help you decide whether Macs should be a significant part of your ongoing IT landscape, we analyzed our data and examined where OS X and iOS intersect, yielding potential management synergy, while diving into 13 top Apple offerings: the iPhone 4, 4S and 5; iPod Touch 4 and 5; iPad 2, 4 and Mini; MacBook Air; MacBook Pro; Mac Mini; iMac; and Mac Pro. (R6390113)

Survey Name  InformationWeek Apple Outlook Survey
Survey Date  November 2012
Region  North America
Number of Respondents  574
Purpose  To determine Apple device adoption practices and strategies in the enterprise.

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