Research: End User Devices

Mar 29, 2011


Trifecta of Change: 2011 End User Device Survey

Corporate IT teams are being buffeted by the rise of cloud, mobility and consumerization, and these trends will continue to rock our boat for the foreseeable future. They will most certainly have a particular impact on the way we deploy computing devices to field and office personnel. Our InformationWeek Analytics 2011 End User Device Management  Survey of 551 business technology professionals shed light on these meta trends as well as device-specific issues ranging from ROI and budgeting to security and leasing (we’ll be so bold as to declare that leasing will be dead within five years). We found out what organizations really think about consumer technology; what level of tech support is available for personal equipment; and what barriers exist to VDI, tablet and smartphone use in the enterprise.

While the general-purpose fat desktop is still going strong within most respondents’ organizations, it has outlived its usefulness for many jobs. And, as more applications and services are delivered from the cloud, we expect lower-power, less expensive smartphones and tablets to grow in popularity. Yes, all this means CIOs must rethink how they do business. But early adopters of these “displacer” technologies may be able to gain competitive advantage. Here’s how. (R2110411)

Survey Name: InformationWeek Analytics 2011 End User Device Management Survey
Survey Date: February 2011
Region: North America
Number of Respondents: 551

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