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Dell Cloudera Enterprise Apache Hadoop Distribution [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

October 2014- With the explosive growth in data volumes and complexity, organizations are finding that managing these vast amounts of unstructured data exceeds the capacity and capabilities of traditional data intelligence systems. In response, many companies are turning to the open source Apache Hadoop platform for the scalability, flexibility, and economics. Learn how the Dell Cloudera Apache Hadoop Enterprise delivers the core elements of Hadoop-scalable storage and distributed computing within a turnkey solution, ready for enterprise development-without ...

Seeing the Big Picture [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

October 2014- As customers become increasingly global and supply chains become more dependent on partner networks, manufacturers like Omneo face a big challenge in identifying risks to product quality. As their volume of data continued to grow, Omneo needed one common place to view, search, and analyze those large streams and diverse types of data. After an in-depth evaluation, the company concluded that a solution based on Apache Hadoop was the best fit in terms of performance, ...

The Future of IT: From Chaos to Service Automation [ Source: ServiceNow ]

September 2014- Enterprises all over the world are transforming IT by adopting service automation tools and processes, making teams more innovative and efficient. CIOs can shift their attention from maintenance to service, effectively changing enterprise IT from the department of no to the department of Now
Service automation tools and processes provide IT value by:

• Consolidating fragmented and redundant service systems
• Standardizing operational processes
• Creating a single system of ...

Helping ensure student success and retention [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Southern Illinois University university partners with Dell, Intel, Microsoft and textbook publishers to launch "Mobile Dawg," a tablet-based comprehensive suite of applications and e-texts to enhance student' educational experiences, learning and retention.

Dell Student Retention Model for Harper College [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Within the foundational academic work, the Dell student retention model seeks to help colleges and universities retain students by quickly identifying students at risk through a structured information technology solution, and delivering the information to administrators, instructors, counselors and students in an easy-to-access model.

Helping busy Executive MBA students focus on learning [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Emory University deploys full-featured Windows 8 tablets from Dell, preloaded with all necessary applications and consolidated information resources and applications, to Executive MBA students so they can spend more time learning and enjoying a better educational experience.

University uses data insight to drive student success [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- The University of Kentucky uses Dell Education Data Management solution with real-time BI to improve data insights and student success.

Predictions For 2014: Cloud Computing [ Source: VMware ]

June 2014- As we head into 2014, cloud computing is no longer a "future" but a "now." Investments are up, enterprise use is widespread, and the hybrid cloud model has arrived. While the bulk of cloud acquisition and use continues to be driven by line of business, in 2014, traditional IT departments will stop asking "why cloud?" and instead get busy integrating cloud into the existing portfolio, extending data center infrastructures with elastic cloud technologies, and consuming new bespoke ...

The Path to Becoming the Chief Information Officer [ Source: VMware ]

March 2014- In this study, IDC examines the current state of the IT organization with respect to innovation. Based on a recent global study of 145 CIOs and IT executives, we delve into the disconnect between the CIO's aspiration to be chief innovation officer and the work that still needs to be done. We explore how innovative ideas are being initiated and cultivated within organizations and the methods currently being employed by CIOs as they evolve the profession ...

Chief Innovation Officer: CIO Professional Development Series [ Source: VMware ]

March 2014- The notion of the CIO being the "chief innovation officer" is attractive. Challenging business conditions have morphed from being a phase in the economic cycle to being the new normal. Very few organizations can conduct their business in a pre-Lehman Brothers manner, and so innovation is highly relevant to economic survival. This in turn represents an opportunity to move the CIO center stage in terms of business relevance.

Unfortunately, this move does not ...

The Transformative CIO [ Source: VMware ]

February 2014- Trying to meet today's business technology needs with yesterday's IT organizational structure is like driving a Model T at the Indy 500. Time for a reset.

Checklist from ESG to Compare Online File Sharing Solutions [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2014- Asking the right questions is critical in selecting an online file sharing solution. This ESG brief, provides a checklist of questions and criteria around administration, security, service, and support to help IT professionals pick the right solution

Key Elements of a Holistic Cloud Strategy [ Source: VMware ]

January 2014- IT leaders who adopt a holistic approach to developing and deploying an enterprise cloud strategy are reporting greater adoption, improved governance, fewer integration and security issues, and higher technology ROI. Click though this infographic to see how each piece of the puzzle supports your transition to the cloud.

Protecting Data at the Edge More Effectively [ Source: CommVault ]

January 2014- Drive efficiency and productivity by centralizing protection, expediting recovery and enhancing access for remote/branch office and laptop/desktop data. This whitepaper describes how Simpana software is the best solution to make that happen.

CIO Game Changer: Unlocking Employee Access to Information [ Source: CommVault ]

January 2014- Data management poses a serious dilemma for today's hard-pressed IT managers. Not only must they give end users anytime access to information from desktops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets, but they must also do so without compromising security. To make matters worse, both data and data silos are accumulating in ever-greater quantities these days. Together with CIO magazine, CommVault commissioned a February 2013 research study among CIOs and IT Directors to get to the bottom of this ...

ESG: How to Build a Strategic Archive [ Source: CommVault ]

January 2014- This paper discusses the reasons ESG believes CommVault Simpana software, a data management platform that delivers backup, archive, search, and analytics capabilities, could be a viable cornerstone of an organization's information retention strategy. ESG specifically examines Simpana archiving capabilities that organizations may not believe they need now, but given current archive market trends, will be extremely useful to them in the near future.

Gartner Newsletter: A Smart Idea for Big Data [ Source: CommVault ]

January 2014- It's no secret that "Big Data" is causing some big problems that are intensifying the demand for better retention, access, discovery and recovery of business critical information. How organizations handle the big data challenge will become a key foundation for corporate competiveness, business intelligence and innovation, impacting every sector and every business function. This whitepaper reveals the latest research from Gartner on integrated backup and archive and discusses a strategy for tackling the Big Data ...

InfoTech Email & Content Archive Vendor Landscape [ Source: CommVault ]

January 2014- In its latest email archiving report, Info-Tech Research Group acknowledged CommVault for its "holistic content archiving solution" that offers extensive feature functionality for email archiving. Read the Info-Tech Email Archiving Vendor Landscape and learn why CommVault ranks as a 'Champion'.

What can go wrong during a relocation [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- When a customer used a USP to relocate one of their two-cabinet Superdome systems from one data center to another, it took the USP several days to determine they lacked the expertise necessary. Learn how the customer could have spared days of downtime by using HP Relocation Services.

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What can go wrong with outdated spare parts [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- When a customer's HPUX system constantly rebooted itself with no warning, a USP was unable to resolve the issue. HP determined that the problem was hardware-related with proprietary diagnostic tools. See why using HP Genuine Parts is the best way to ensure system stability, maximize uptime, and minimize data loss.

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Protect your business [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- There are multiple considerations when selecting a technology support provider. What do you get from HP Authorized Support Providers that you won't from an unauthorized support provider (USP), and why do these differences matter? Learn the key areas to consider, and how HP can keep you ahead of the competition.

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Forrester: Build a Road Map to Workforce Computing [ Source: Absolute Software ]

January 2014- This report outlines Forrester's solution to help IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders develop their five-year technology road map for workforce computing. To succeed, I&O leaders must build their five-year workforce computing technology road map with a focus on four key domains: 1) people; 2) devices; 3) apps; and 4) data.

VMware Solution Brief for K-12 [ Source: VMware ]

December 2013- VMware provides an innovative approach to cloud computing that allows educational institutions to reduce IT complexity with the flexibility and scalability needed to support them as they grow. By adopting the VMware approach to usercentric computing, educational IT organizations gain the ability to manage, secure and deliver a superior end-user experience to students and faculty across devices, locations and platforms.

Gartner Predicts 2013: Digitalization Powers Education [ Source: VMware ]

December 2013- Overview Key Findings Technology is disrupting education, expanding the education ecosystem beyond traditional lecture halls and classrooms to accommodate learners' preferences for time, place, style and previous levels of attainment.

Personalized learning pathways will emerge as online learning strategies are augmented with data resources and analysis. The role of instructors will change from a lecture-oriented approach to that of tutor, mentor and coach. The nature of the institution or school agency will become ...

How analytics helped government for new economic growth [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- The push for government data transparency has led to leaders discovering the value of greater openness. Read the report to see what needs to be addressed in order to realize and nurture its potential benefits. Find out how you, too, can harness the power of data to gain insights, help avoid costs and spur growth.

Infographic: HP's new style of IT; Delivering a New Approach to IT Service Management [ Source: HP ]

December 2013- Learn how Dong Energy saved 80% on user management costs, and how HP delivered world-class service to 250,000 users of the Russian Railroad. This infographic explores HP's new approach to IT Service Management to address today's challenges that are crucial, challenging and pervasive across IT departments.

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