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Digital Color Workflows And The HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional LCD Display [ Source: HP ]

May 2008- Improving accuracy and predictability in color processing at the designer’s desk can increase productivity and improve quality of digital color projects in animation,game development, film/video post production, broadcast, product design, graphic arts, and photography.

Speakers-on-a-Chip: The Convergence Solution for Audio Entertainment and Voice Communication Peripherals [ Source: Conexant Systems, Inc. ]

May 2008- The PC is at the center of the convergence of audio entertainment and voice communication in homes and offices today. In addition to using PCs for surfing the Internet and as productivity tools, a growing number of people are using their PCs for entertainment and communication. To maximize the user experience for each audio application, consumers usually have desks full of audio peripherals for their PCs. Depending on the task, the user needs to change ...

Mac OS X and Novell eDirectory Integration [ Source: Novell ]

January 2008- The purpose of this paper is to provide guidance to others trying to further integrate Apple OS X based computers into a 3rd party directory service. This paper focuses on the Novell eDirectory environment; however the same concepts can be applied to any directory service that utilizes LDAP. The paper is aimed to build upon, and supplement, other papers on this topic. There are 3 main areas this paper focuses on. The first is LDAP integration ...

Integrating Mac OS and NetApp Storage: Integration, Configuration and Performance in Mixed File Sharing Environments [ Source: NetApp ]

January 2008- The inclusion of both the NFS and CIFS network file sharing protocols in Mac OS X dramatically simplifies the integration of Apple systems into multiprotocol file sharing environments that include Windows, UNIX, and other systems. This white paper from NetApp explores OS X integration, functionality and performance and offers guidelines for the implementation of OS X systems with NetApp storage systems in various mixed platform environments.

Essential Mac OS X Panther Server Administration: Server Management Tools [ Source: O'Reilly Media ]

January 2008- Management tools can make or break an integrated server product, especially one from Apple. From user creation to the management of share points and services, the maintenance of a server can be quite onerous. Add to that the complexity and breadth of a product like Mac OS X Server - plus its wide feature set and audience, and the diversity of its deployment scenarios - and the outlook only become more daunting. To help surmount ...