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White Paper: Cloud Computing - Creating Value For Businesses Across The Globe [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

June 2014- The information and communication technologies (ICT) industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way computing resources are procured. Cloud computing is emerging as a key area of focus for business leaders and technology decision makers due to its support for driving innovation; its ability to save costs; increase business agility and deliver IT in an on-demand manner. The use of cloud services has increased significantly over the last couple years with more than half ...

White Book: Cloud Adoption - The Definitive Guide to a Business Technology Revolution [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

June 2014- Cloud is a huge step change in the way IT-based services are delivered, and one that will provide substantial business benefits through reduced capital expenditure and increased business agility. As ever, any topic with this much hype heightens expectations, thereby creating a challenge for CIOs. The key issue that every CIO must address is how and where we adopt cloud services so they maximize the benefits to our organizations and customers.

This Fujitsu ...

NetApp Private Storage for AWS Solution Brief [ Source: DLT Solutions / NetApp ]

January 2014- Despite the acceleration of cloud computing, many agencies and departments continue to struggle with cloud adoption issues. If you are looking to do more in the cloud, how can your agency ensure that its mission critical data and systems stay secure while maintaining control, compliance and mobility?

Through partnership of NetApp and Amazon Web Services AWS), DLT Solutions offers an agile hybrid infrastructure that leverages the performance, customization, and control of private storage ...

High-Performance Grid Computing for Financial Services: Get the advantages of grid computing the easy way with Infrastructure-as-a-Service [ Source: Savvis ]

November 2012- In the financial services industry, success often depends on timely reaction to market shifts and minimizing the time to assess current positions and make decisions. High Performance Computing (aka Grid Computing) delivers computing power and speed, helping financial institutions to accelerate innovation and improve business success by delivering fast transactions and analyses, even when those involve processing large data volumes.

This white paper discusses the benefits of leveraging a specialized Infrastructure as a ...

Winning Strategies for Omnichannel Banking [ Source: Cisco ]

August 2012- Survey results from over 5,300 global banking customers demonstrate that customers are ready to interact with their bank in new ways. Financial institutions must develop a strategy now to broaden their reach and better combine the physical and virtual worlds as they move from multichannel to omnichannel. Findings include:
• The emergence of mobile as a preferred channel
• Value of social media
• Video is a key enabler

Take Advantage of a Unified Workspace [ Source: Cisco ]

August 2012- Imagine a place where employees work their way without jeopardizing security or business goals. It’s closer than you think. The Cisco Unified Workspace strategy supports just such an evolving process—securely delivering appropriate applications, content, services and a superior user experience. View a video and see how a transformed workspace allows IT to:

•  Give employees greater freedom in how they work,
    where they work, and what devices they use
•  Speed ...

KVM Smart Card Authentication Systems: Best Practices [ Source: Raritan ]

July 2012- Selecting a smart card-enabled KVM system? Choose one that supports PKI authentication to multiple servers from a single location and makes the necessary KVM feature adjustments to enable seamless use of the reader. This white paper examines best practices when evaluating a Smart Card solution.

Can You Deploy a New Application in Days Rather than Months? [ Source: CA Technologies ]

June 2011- Cloud Luminaries are cloud service providers who are showing enterprises and SMBs the way to realize value from cloud computing, and showing other MSPs how they can build margin by offering a range of cloud-based services.

In this executive Q&A, Cloud Luminary and PGi CTO David Guthrie discusses how the cloud computing platform helped his company scale up immediately by getting his applications running efficiently in a matter of days, rather than ...

Can You Handle More Web Traffic Than You Ever Dreamed Of? [ Source: CA Technologies ]

June 2011- Cloud Luminaries are cloud service providers who are showing enterprises and SMBs the way to realize value from cloud computing, and showing other MSPs how they can build margin by offering a range of cloud-based services.

In this executive Q&A, Cloud Luminary and CTO Oliver Hurst-Hiller discusses the importance of being able to seamlessly and quickly switch to a cloud service, the benefits of having all aspects of your company ...

Industry Insights: Strategies for Choosing a SaaS-based ITSM Solution [ Source: BMC Software ]

May 2011- All SaaS help-desks are not created equally. From basic ticket logging to full-featured, enterprise-grade service management solutions, there truly is something for everyone. Learn more about the key factors in deciding between a comprehensive or a slimmer selection for your organization.

Six Advantages of a Cloud-Based Help Desk for Small to Midsize Businesses [ Source: BMC Software ]

May 2011- Small and midsize companies shouldn't have to use less efficient, limited-functionality service desk solutions. Today's cloud-based help desks pack the same punch as on-premise enterprise solutions, without a large up-front investment or long installation time. Read more to find out how to get started with a cloud-based help desk today.

Benefits of an ITIL Help Desk in the Cloud [ Source: BMC Software ]

May 2011- You can implement help desk processes based on ITIL easily with reduced up-front costs and automatic upgrades. Used by more than 72,500 companies worldwide, the platform is the most widely used Cloud platform in the world. Gain insights into the benefits of running your help desk in the cloud.

The Multitenant Architecture: Understanding the Design of's Internet Application Development Platform [ Source: BMC Software ]

May 2011- BMC software and have joined forces to deliver BMC ServiceDesk on Remedy Force, an ITIL help desk, self service, and inventory management solution on the Force platform. This paper explains the patented technology that makes the platform fast, scalable, and secure.

The Seven Standards of Cloud Computing Service Delivery [ Source: BMC Software ]

May 2011- In economic times like these, leading companies are looking to cloud-computing applications and IT Help Desk is increasingly in demand. Subscribing to help desk software has many benefits over in-house installation, but cloud-computing requires an increase in responsibility to ensure outstanding service delivery. This paper outlines best practices for selecting cloud-computing solutions.

Top Considerations for Moving to a Cloud-based (SaaS) Delivery Model for I.T. Service Management [ Source: BMC Software ]

May 2011- Help Desk software as a service is attractive to many IT departments. It offers the same benefits of traditional IT help desk solutions, in addition to reducing capital expenses, accelerating implementation, and providing easier upgrades. This paper explores considerations for implementing IT service management in-house or as a service.

One Size Does Not Fit All: The case for the custom cloud [ Source: BMC Software ]

May 2011- When it comes to cloud services, "semi-custom" goes a long way. "The Case for the Custom Cloud," shows you how users can configure their own customized cloud services from choices you dictate - and how you can deliver the resulting cloud services quickly and affordably. Learn more on how users can customize their cloud services - while you maintain control.

Hybrid Cloud Delivery: Managing Cloud Services from Request to Retirement [ Source: BMC Software ]

May 2011- A strong, flexible, and valuable cloud infrastructure can deliver exceptional service quality to the business. But not all clouds - or the services they support - are created equally. Learn how you can combine the benefits of traditional IT management with the dynamic potential of cloud architectures in this white paper.

Three Steps To Effective Cloud Planning & Design [ Source: BMC Software ]

May 2011- Before you build your cloud, there are many considerations. Are there security requirements? Compliance rules? Will you use public cloud resources as well? Learn more about how to plan a cloud effectively - from defining requirements to identifying the costs - in this compelling white paper from BMC Software.

Microsoft SQL Server Databases Thrive in the Cloud: Virtualizing Data-Intensive Applications for High Availability and Cost-Savings [ Source: ]

January 2011- and Microsoft collaborated to address the growing concern of virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server Databases. As more and more organizations embrace cloud computing to save money, increase productivity, and to gain the ability to scale their infrastructures up or down on a moment’s notice, concerns still remain around the level of performance, availability, and overall security of their databases once they move to a hosting vendor.

Since most companies lack the ...

Leveraging Workload Automation in the Cloud [ Source: BMC ]

October 2010- The forecast for cloud computing is hot, if you believe the reviews. Analysts and industry observers have anointed cloud the next new thing, writing glowing reports on its potential.

And it’s easy to see the appeal. Cloud computing promises elasticity, on-demand access, flexibility, and pay-as-you-go capabilities. That’s an attractive alternative to the traditional computing model, in which resources dedicated to one application or project could not be easily shared or reassigned. ...

New Storage Buying Criteria for Shared Virtual Infrastructure Request for Proposal (RFP) Template [ Source: NetApp ]

August 2010- You can’t make the best storage decisions for your business if you’re not asking the right questions. Our “New Storage Buying Criteria for Shared Virtual Infrastructure RFP template” makes it easy. The template reflects the latest technology and includes the key criteria to consider before buying storage. Use it to help ensure the solutions you choose can deliver extreme flexibility and efficiency, and a “future-proof” foundation.

In order to collect, store ...

How Cloud Computing Affects Data Network Cabling [ Source: CommScope ]

June 2010- Cloud computing is clearly one of the hottest topics today in IT. There are compelling financial justifications for exploring cloud computing in nearly any size organization. From rapid deployment to try-before-you-buy to disaster recovery to demand scaling to mobile application delivery, there are many advantages of the cloud computing architecture. Along with these advantages, there will be architectural differences in how applications are delivered to the end users. Cloud computing will have a profound impact ...

Making Cloud Computing Secure for the Enterprise [ Source: CloudSwitch ]

April 2010- Many companies are eager to take advantage of cloud computing, but concerns about possible security breaches and loss of data hold them back. Trust—or lack of it—is one of the primary reasons for the hesitancy of enterprises to put their data and applications in a multi-tenant public cloud. Security issues associated with third-party cloud environments continue to prevent organizations from benefiting from the cost savings and flexibility that the cloud can offer.

Accelerating Dynamic Web Content: Efficiently Serving Uncacheable Web Content from Origin [ Source: fastsoft ]

October 2009- For companies in the dynamic content business – including social networking sites, Internet portals, e-commerce sites, digital media companies, and on-demand software or SaaS – fast website performance is critical. A dependable, snappy end-user experience is a key force in decreasing site abandonment and driving consumer adoption for both advertising and subscription-based revenue models.

As web sites become more personalized, rich and interactive, the percentage of dynamic content (versus static content) continues to rise. As ...

Private Cloud ROI Case Study with Intel and Univa [ Source: Univa UD ]

September 2009- How can Private Cloud technology benefit you? Find out in this new case study and ROI analysis which describes the benefits Corus Automotive, a major European steelmaker, has received due to an Intel and Univa infrastructure transformation.

Corus is using Intel Nehalem processors and Univa UD software used to create a private cloud to run its technical computing applications and streamline its data management and storage processes. These applications allow an elite team ...

Cloud Connect: Charting the Course of On-Demand Computing [ Source: Cloud Connect ]

October 2009- Cloud Computing represents the biggest shift in computing of the last decade. It's as fundamental as the move from client-server computing to web-centric computing, and in many ways more disruptive. Learn the latest about cloud computing models, technologies and migration in this whitepaper by Cloud expert and Cloud Connect 2010 Conference Chair, Alistair Croll.

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