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Feitian Smart Card [ Source: Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd. ]

July 2008- Smart card products are used in every economic sectors, from banking to mass transportations. Feitian Technologies provides a full range of Smart Card solutions including GSM SIM card, CDMA RUIM card, Java card, .Net card, PKI card, Creative card, Payment card, and Electronic ID card. The Feitian .Net Smart Card Platform is extending the advantages of .Net framework to smart card industry. It provides the possibility, immediately, for current .Net framework experts becoming smart card ...

Media Converters: LAN to MAN and Beyond [ Source: IMC Networks ]

June 2008- Media converters play an important role in today's multiprotocol, mixed-media LANs. For example, LAN administrators can deploy media converters to integrate fiber-optic cabling and active equipment into existing copper-based, structured cabling systems while achieving significant cost savings.

Media converters are also becoming a critical piece of data networks outside the LAN, as electrical-to-optical conversion technology is enabling service providers to speed up deployment and minimize the cost of provisioning fiber to the subscriber, ...

Thinking In PostScript [ Source: comp ]

December 1990- This book is intended to provide a practical, intriguing, and fresh look at the PostScript programming language.

Migrating an Enterprise WAN From ATM to IP [ Source: Intel ]

January 2008- The telecommunications industry has deemphasized ATM in favor of IP. Providers are rapidly building IP infrastructure and offering lower-cost IP services. To take advantage of this industry shift, Intel engineers developed an architecture design and a phased migration plan to collapse their ATM network into an IP infrastructure while making the transition transparent to the users. Moving their global network from Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) to Internet protocol (IP), Intel IT has undertaken a major ...