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White Book : Cloud Security - The Definitive Guide to Managing Risk in the New ICT Landscape [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

June 2014- Cloud computing is demonstrating its potential to transform the way IT-based services are delivered to organizations, the journey to cloud is no longer question of "if" but rather "when", and a large number of enterprises have already travelled some way down this path.

However, there is one overwhelming question that is still causing many CIOs and their colleagues to delay their move to cloud: Is cloud computing secure? As many unwary businesses have ...

20 Critical Questions Your Security Programs Must Answer [ Source: Tripwire ]

March 2014- This booklet/poster takes you step-by-step through the 20 Critical Security Controls, with an additional section that focuses on the first four fundamental controls. A convenient scorecard lets you rank your specific needs against NSA rankings.

Five Things to Do After You've Been Hacked [ Source: Hexis Cyber ]

May 2014- It's only a matter of time before more organizations experience similar attacks. Why? Because hackers only need to exploit one vulnerability and defenders need to cover all of them. It typically just takes a single user unknowingly clicking on a link and the hacker is in. In addition, hackers spend 100 percent of their time focused on accomplishing the mission while most IT and security teams are tasked with multiple competing priorities, not only defending the ...

Creating the Best-of-Breed DDI Solution in a Microsoft Environment [ Source: Infoblox ]

May 2014- Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is great for managing Microsoft tools. But in the age of virtualization, cloud, and mobility, you need best-in-class DNS and DHCP management utilities for core network services. That's why 1000's of network teams have added Infoblox DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) to their Microsoft environment. By doing so, they enhance the availability, manageability, security, and efficiency of their networks. Read this white paper to learn how adding Infoblox DDI ...

Mitigating Targeted Attacks Requires an Integrated Solution [ Source: Trend Micro ]

May 2014- Despite increased awareness and focus on defending against targeted attacks from both business and security leaders, organizations continue to be breached and suffer the consequences. Many of today's security investments are simply not aligned to defend against these targeted threat vectors. Advanced threat detection and response should not be a point solution but rather a combination of technologies and core competencies. Detecting and responding to advanced threats should involve tight integration of multiple security technologies, ...

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways, 2014 [ Source: Proofpoint ]

April 2014- Whether you're looking to stop advanced inbound email threats from entering your organization, or to reduce the legal, financial and evolving regulatory compliance risks associated with outbound email - you need to feel confident your choice of solution is protecting your most critical business information. Proofpoint is proud to be named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Email Gateways.

According to Gartner, "The secure email gateway market is mature. ...

Hidden Lynx - Professional Hackers for Hire [ Source: Symantec ]

December 2013- Take an in-depth look at the Hidden Lynx group, their targets, motivations, capabilities and attack strategies.

Protecting PoS Environments Against Multi-Stage Attacks [ Source: Symantec ]

March 2014- Securing your credit card data and PoS environment from attacks requires multiple layers of protection.

Layered Security, Why It Works [ Source: Symantec ]

December 2013- A layered approach to security provides better protection of your organization's IT assets.

Stepping Up The Battle Against Advanced Threats [ Source: Trusteer ]

March 2014- The primary approaches used to fight cybercrime over the past several years simply aren't effective. Despite losing some of these battles, we can still win the war. However, a new approach is needed. Trusteer, an IBM company, has pioneered a new cybercrime prevention approach that provides unparalleled protection against spear-phishing, drive-by downloads and advanced, information-stealing malware, which enable targeted attacks, with no management load for IT staff or disruption to end users.

Best Practices for Security and Compliance with Amazon Web Services [ Source: Trend Micro ]

February 2014- Organizations must take an active role in protecting systems and applications as part of the AQS shared security model. This paper discusses what part of the shared responsibility equation customers are responsible for and recommended practices that help create a security cloud-computing environment.

The Rising Threat Of Corporate Cybercrime: Cybercriminal Motives and Methods [ Source: Trusteer ]

October 2013- Cybercriminals are leveraging vulnerabilities of the Internet, browsers, operating systems, and applications to secretly and proficiently gain access to corporate information assets. Compromising employee endpoints with malware has become the preferred method; a far simpler path into the corporate network than a direct network attack. Our latest white paper discusses the cybercriminal motives and methods, and presents the need for Enterprises to recognize this growing danger and implement technologies that effectively prevent malware, the root ...

Website Security Statistics Report [ Source: Whitehat Security ]

October 2013- WhiteHat Security's Website Security Statistics Report provides a one-of-a-kind perspective on the state of website security and the issues that organizations must address in order to conduct business online safely.

Website security is an ever-moving target. New website launches are common, new code is released constantly, new Web technologies are created and adopted every day; as a result, new attack techniques are frequently disclosed that can put every online business at risk. In ...

Best Practices to Make BYOD Simple and Secure [ Source: Citrix ]

August 2013- Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and policies empower people to choose the best device to get their work done, including personally-owned consumer smartphones, tablets and laptops. BYOD enables people become more mobile and productive while IT adapts to consumerization in a simple, secure and controlled manner. This white paper provides guidance for selecting technologies and developing policies to introduce a BYOD initiative. Download the white paper

Top 5 requirements for secure enterprise file sync and sharing [ Source: Citrix ]

August 2013- IT organizations today face an urgent need to get control over file sync and sharing in the enterprise. To achieve productivity gains people have been adopting ways to easily share files, access them from anywhere and sync them across devices-often exposing the organization to serious security and compliance risks. To address the data access, sync and sharing challenge effectively, this paper presents the top 5 requirements that IT should look for in an enterprise data sync ...

Switching Managed SSL Service Providers [ Source: GMO GlobalSign Ltd ]

May 2013- Switching to a new Certificate Authority for your SSL Certificates is not a simple process, but it is not nearly as complicated as your incumbent CA may suggest. The key to success is setting expectations and preparing yourself and others for what's involved, in terms of resources and costs.

This white paper aims to help organisations make an educated choice about their enterprise SSL needs by outlining the key aspects to take into ...

Switching Managed SSL Service Providers [ Source: GMO GlobalSign Ltd ]

May 2013- Switching to a new Certificate Authority for your SSL certificates is not a simple process, but it is not nearly as complicated as your incumbent CA may suggest. The key to success is setting expectations and preparing yourself and others for what's involved, in terms of resources and costs.

This white paper aims to help organizations make an educated choice about their enterprise SSL needs by structuring the main considerations to keep in ...

Websense 2013 Threat Report [ Source: Websense ]

May 2013- Conventional information security measures, including anti-virus and next-generation firewalls, aren't enough to protect your organization from today's deluge of sophisticated web threats.

That's just one of the key findings in the "Websense® 2013 Threat Report." Based on data collected by the Websense ThreatSeeker® Network, the world's largest and longest-standing security intelligence network, the Report details how advanced threats are specifically targeting mobile devices and social media, and rendering traditional security solutions ineffective.

Fight back against stealthy attacks with security beyond the OS [ Source: McAfee ]

May 2013- Today's anti-malware solutions running as applications above the operating system are no match for the stealth techniques used by today's malware developers. Hardware-assisted security products like McAfee Deep Defender take advantage of a "deeper" security footprint.

Researchers discover an average of 2,000 rootkits each day, according to McAfee® Labs™. Rootkits are an increasingly common form of malware built explicitly to hide malicious code. Once installed, a rootkit conceals itself and looks innocent ...

Combating Advanced Persistent Threats Through Detection [ Source: Seculert ]

April 2013- Organizations are discovering that effective Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) protection is a critical priority. Without APT protection, organizations are vulnerable to potentially devastating malware attacks that could last for months or years before they're identified.

A Guide to Implementing a Successful SAST Tool and Solving Developer Security Issues [ Source: Checkmarx ]

April 2013- Recognizing security defects early in the development cycle have traditionally posed real challenges for developers as current static analysis tools often generate significant false positive results and other major issues. Next generation tools address these issues by integrating static analysis as part of development teams’ normal ‘design, code, test and analysis’ processes. Download, “A Successful SAST Tool Implementation” to learn how these tools can:

•  Integrate with normal software engineering workflows
•  Accurately report ...

Enterprise Application Security: A Guide to Choosing Between Binary and Source Code Analysis [ Source: Checkmarx ]

April 2013- Software security is a top priority for many organizations with many considering how they should integrate security earlier on in the software development lifecycle. A process change like this would benefit organizations in the form of reduction in costs and increased productivity as a result of minimizing flaws and removing defects via software patches. Download, “Enterprise Application Security: Source vs. Binary Code Analysis” to learn about the benefits of Source Code Analysis (SCA) and how ...

A Secure Cloud: Is There Such a Thing? [ Source: VMware ]

January 2013- A secure cloud is attainable. In fact, industry luminaries David Hunter of VMware and Arthur Coviello of EMC say clouds can be more secure than physical infrastructure. These professionals explain how to keep your cloud secure and the security solutions offered by VMware and RSA.

2012 NSS Labs Next-Generation Firewall Product Analysis Report [ Source: Sourcefire ]

October 2012- Looking to separate hype from reality when it comes to Next-Generation Firewalls?

Look no further.

NSS Labs, the trusted authority in independent product testing, recently evaluated the Sourcefire FirePOWER 8250 in the industry's most rigorous NGFW testing available to date.

The Sourcefire FirePOWER™ 8250 NGFW set a new standard in security effectiveness, performance and value:
•  protection against all attacks
•  firewall enforcement
•  application control
•  identity/user awareness
•  ...

DDoS for Dummies [ Source: Corero ]

October 2012- A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against your organization’s network and systems can bring your online business to a grinding halt, costing you hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars, ruining your brand, and driving away your customers.

Far too many organizations are ill-prepared to deal with the effects of DDoS attacks and other Internet security threats. They rely on traditional security devices including firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and other ...

Four Keys to Effective Next-Generation Security [ Source: Sourcefire ]

July 2012- Today's targeted threats are often multi-vectored and exploit unknown vulnerabilities - their sophistication defying typical signature-only based inspection. Whether APTs or client-side threats, they use evasive techniques to penetrate our organizations, often purporting to be or riding on applications and exploiting trust relationships with which we've grown all too comfortable with.

To make matters worse, attackers have realized the inadequacies of traditional signature-based approaches and have accelerated the pace of change and obfuscated ...

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