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Capturing the Opportunity in Emerging and Growth Markets [ Source: Wipro Technologies ]

December 2012- Companies in a variety of industries - notably consumer products and goods - are looking to expand their presence in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions, as emerging markets in countries such as China, India and Brazil continue to see huge increases in demand, while growth remains sluggish in Europe and the U.S.

Entering these emerging markets can be a challenge, however, requiring new ways of thinking about business and IT. Companies ...

Market Research Brief: Revealing the ''Where'' of Business Intelligence using Location Analytics [ Source: ESRI ]

October 2012- A 2012 survey of more than 180 business and IT managers and staff at organizations of all sizes across multiple industries reveals some important trends and insights when it comes to location-based data:

• The use of maps to view business data in its geographical context is growing in importance.
• Managers and executives find it important to map data to manage everything from assets and customers to the field workforce and supply chains, as well ...

Cloud Computing for CIOs: Getting Inside the Mind of Your CFO [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

September 2005- Information Technology is now at the top of the CFOs agenda according to Gartner, 26 percent of IT investments require the direct authorization of the CFO and 42 percent of IT organizations now report to the CFO. Cloud computing, like the emergence of the internet, has the potential to radically change the IT and business landscape.

And while the CIO community has become well versed in the concept over the past few years, cloud computing ...

Harvard Business Review Article: Mastering the Management System [ Source: SAP ]

December 2011- Companies have always found it hard to balance pressing operational concerns with long-term strategic priorities. The tension is critical: World-class processes won't lead to success without the right strategic direction, and the best strategy in the world will get nowhere without strong operations to execute it.

In this article, Kaplan, of Harvard Business School, and Norton, founder and director of the Palladium Group, explain how to effectively manage both strategy and operations by ...

The Current State of Business Analytics: Where Do We Go From Here? [ Source: SAS ]

October 2011- Learn the results of a recent Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services study designed to deliver insights into the current state of business analytics in today's organizations. This study, conducted among 930 businesses across the globe in various industries, uncovered answers to two key questions: How far have organizations come in capitalizing on the use of business analytics and what differences exist between those companies getting high value from analytics and those that have not yet reached that ...

Big Data: Harnessing a Game-Changing Asset [ Source: SAS ]

October 2011- This report from the Economist Intelligence Unit explores the impact of big data and how companies are currently handling it. Inside, you will find survey results from 586 executives from across industries and around the world. Additional features include in-depth interviews with executives at 12 leading corporations on their present data usage with analysis from industry experts at two top business universities.

This report also looks at the organizational characteristics of companies adept at extracting ...

How To Drive Leads: B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report Released [ Source: Emedia ]

March 2011- This report lays out how white papers and other marketing content is consumed and perceived among technology buyers in the B2B sector.

You'll also learn: - What content and collateral needs to be influential in 2011 - How tech buyers have been taking to video, social media, and other "new media" - How to build a content portfolio that drives quality leads.

5 Emerging Trends Affecting IT Staff in the Recovery [ Source: Hudson IT ]

August 2010-  As we move into an economic recovery phase, Hudson sought to understand how the people within our clients’ IT organizations are most affected. Aside from the obvious effects of staff reductions, a handful of trends are emerging as described in this article. Here is an excerpt…

Trend 1: FOCUS ON BUSINESS NEEDS REQUIRES MORE TALENTED PEOPLE -- Sharper IT Alignment with Business Needs Drives Focus on Building Quality Staff

One of the ...

Business Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices of Material Master Data Management [ Source: Zynapse ]

January 2010- Wondering why most organizations are challenged in driving continuing positive ROI from their system consolidation exercise? This paper focuses on what Meta group analysts Barry Wilderman and Bruce Hudson have to say about the impact of Material Master Consolidation in a system consolidation exercise.

Beyond the Crossroads: How Business-Savvy CIOs Enable Top-Performing Enterprises and How Top-Performing Enterprises Leverage Business-Savvy CIOs [ Source: IBM ]

January 2010- According to industry leaders and pundits in 2006, the role of the CIO was at a crossroads. Read the white paper to see how CIOs are beginning to seize this opportunity to play increasingly impactful strategic roles within their enterprise, and how IBM research can provide CIOs with the skills necessary to become a Business-Savvy CIO.

Seizing the Advantage: When and how to innovate your business model [ Source: IBM ]

June 2009- To succeed in today’s fast-changing and increasingly complex environment, business model innovation is critical. Yet many organizations either fail to grasp the idea or simply do not know how to do so. Read this executive report for invaluable insights from IBM® on when and how to innovate your business model—and seize the advantage.

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Market: Potential Buying Window Beginning to Close? [ Source: IBM ]

May 2010- As the global economy recovers you need your ERP solution to help drive innovation and transformation to stay ahead of your competition. Take a look at this report from AMR Research to find out if it’s time for you to replace an outdated ERP solution. The report describes why ERP vendors are offering extraordinary value and how a business-focused ERP implementation can help manage costs while helping you move your business strategy forward.

10 Steps for a Successful CRM Implementation [ Source: Touch Ahead Software ]

June 2010- Nancy Keddy, co-founder and CEO of Touch Ahead Software, has "seen and heard about many CRM implementations that have gone poorly, but [has] also had the pleasure of being involved with many successful implementations." In this white paper, "10 Steps for a Successful CRM Implementation," Nancy makes critical points on key elements that organizations must consider when considering a CRM implementation. Without considering these key elements, a company's CRM initiative could fail.

Enabling the Quality Improvement Cycle to Continuously Reduce Enterprisewide Risk [ Source: Syntex Management Systems, Inc. ]

June 2010- The key to continuous quality improvement is to ensure that the organization's culture and procedures are focused on continually reducing and controlling variability in its operational processes. When defects occur or non-conformances are discovered, a consistent quality improvement cycle should be used, including: discovering and reporting events and issues; responding to and diagnosing these items and determining their root causes; implementing, closing, and validating action items to correct the problems at the source and prevent ...

The IBM Midmarket CFO Study: "The New Value Integrator" [ Source: IBM ]

May 2010- The IBM Midmarket CFO Study: “The New Value Integrator” reveals how CFOs today are becoming Value Integrators by increasing finance speed, efficiency, and turning relevant information into valuable business insights, to maintain competitive advantage. Read this Midmarket CFO study and see how you can become a Value Integrator for your organization.

Vendor Demonstration Guidelines And Best Practices For Clients [ Source: Infosys Technologies Ltd ]

April 2010- In a vendor evaluation project, clients or buyers typically invite the short-listed vendors to demonstrate their product or solution through an in-person presentation. This is referred as “vendor demonstration” in this article. Vendor demonstration is an important step in vendor selection process. The purpose of this article is to share guidelines and best practices for the vendor demonstration process from client’s or buyer’s perspective.

A New Way of Working Smarter - Insights from Global Leaders [ Source: IBM ]

April 2010- It pays to work smarter not harder. According to a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, organizations that are significantly outperforming their industry peers also happen to be making more headway on newer approaches to work.

They’re using dynamic, collaborative and connected ways of working to get things done effectively within a constantly changing environment. But most organizations are not yet meeting their ambitions in these areas.


P&C Industry - Technology Strategy after Financial Crisis [ Source: Mahindra Satyam ]

March 2010- As the year 2009 ended, the dust from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression has begun to settle. The depth and breadth of damage suffered by the U.S. and global economies is becoming apparent. From the P&C perspective, insurers saw their net income plummet and the net premium written trend also lowered. Insurers hoping for a resurgence of hard market in the 2nd half of 2009 realized that this was just wishful thinking. ...

Whitepapers or Videos: What Does Your Customer Prefer [ Source: Emedia ]

February 2010- Decision makers and influencers — your customers — state in no uncertain terms that they regularly consume a broad range of marketing content when making purchasing decisions. Which is the most influential piece of marketing content, which is the weakest, and which medium has the greatest selling power for the future.

From Fighting Fires To Affirming Allies: Vendor Relationship Management [ Source: Novus Origo ]

December 2009- Executives are spending escalating portions of their time on fewer essential business-building activities as a result of the ever more complex and costly issues that undoubtedly arise within contracted vendor relationships. By securing the services of an experienced vendor relationship manager to practice their expertise and ease executive burden, leadership will no longer feel hindered in their efforts to generate effectual change.

Understanding the Importance of a Disaster Recovery Strategy [ Source: CDW ]

June 2009- Read this Tech Specialist interview with CDW's Moosa Matariyeh to understand the importance of having a disaster recovery strategy, and answers to questions like these:

> What can companies do to prepare for disaster recovery effectively, and what are some best-practice examples from medium-sized enterprises?
> How have companies successfully made the case for adequate funding?
> What role does data deduplication technology play in disaster planning and recovery?

Introducing Management Excellence [ Source: Oracle ]

October 2009- Being smart, agile, and aligned are not characteristics of operational excellence, but define what Oracle calls management excellence. Management makes the difference, and enterprise performance management (EPM) should be the enabler. Unfortunately, most organizations are too internally focused.

IBM Rational To MyEclipse Blue Edition Migration [ Source: Genuitec, LLC ]

September 2009- The goal of this white paper is to explore and resolve common concerns and issues surrounding a migration of your development environment from IBM’s Rational Application Developer (RAD) to MyEclipse Blue Edition from Genuitec. Why might a company choose to migrate their development tools? If the migration is decided upon, how would this be done easily and effectively? This paper will answer these common types of questions, as well as explore any intangibles that ...

Oracle In Hi-Def: Unique iStore Implementation Enables Intellectual Property Marketplace [ Source: Trianz ]

September 2009- Silicon Image, HDMI co-founder, and HDMI LLC, administrator of annual fees and royalties for the industry standard, faced the daunting task of automating the processes for calculating, tracking, invoicing, and receiving annual fee and royalty payments from HDMI adopters. After toying with the idea of a custom application, Silicon Image teamed up with Oracle to generate ideas on how its applications could be leveraged to address this business issue. After coming up with the initial ...

Oracle Service Agreements Conversion [ Source: Trianz ]

September 2009- In today’s business world, change is inevitable. Whether due to changes in the business or in business applications, systems are continuously being upgraded. Oracle Enterprise Application solutions are the most widely used applications to manage various business needs. The Oracle Service Contracts (“Oracle SC” or “OSC”) module provides a complete contract authoring execution solution to manage warranties, extended warranties, usage, subscription services, and complex service agreements. With OSC one can sell multiple types of ...

Oracle Data Sharing And Security [ Source: Trianz ]

September 2009- In today’s business environment, where division of labor is present all around and tasks are highly specialized, it becomes imperative for any organization to make sure that users have access to data that is relevant only to them to carry out their specified task. Businesses have to make sure that not only the relevant data is available to the users but the data is also secure. This can become quite a challenging and complex ...

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