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Four Starting Points for Effective IT Project and Portfolio Management [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- No two companies, organizations, or PMOs are alike. But for more effective project and portfolio management, the key business requirements are the same. These four starting points will provide step-by-step advice to help reach new milestones quickly, making the transition from managing IT projects to managing business outcomes.

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Mobile Workforce Management: 7 Key Benefits for Growing Companies [ Source: ClickSoftware ]

November 2012- Get an exclusive look at the real business benefits behind using a mobile workforce management solution.

Once you start to look at your current methods for managing, scheduling and communicating with your field, the opportunity for adopting a technological solution will become rapidly apparent. Start to peel back the layers and you may discover pains and opportunities for improvement that you didn't even realize existed.

In this business paper from ClickSoftware, ...

How to become an Operations Superstar [ Source: ClickSoftware ]

November 2012- Learn how ClickExpress "an out-of-the-box, cloud-based workforce management solution" can increase your operational efficiency as well as your productivity.

This eBook for operations and customer service managers, will walk you through the challenges faced by field organizations, how a workforce management solution can increase operational efficiency as well as productivity; and how, by campaigning this change, you can become an operations superstar!

How Technology Executives are Managing the Shift to BYOD Abstract [ Source: HP ]

October 2012- As healthcare personnel increasingly use their own mobile devices at work, IT departments need to ensure a high-level of data protection, manageability, and regulatory compliance. With the increase in productivity and collaboration comes the need for incremental server, storage and networking requirements.

This whitepaper discusses the benefits and challenges of BYOD and how client virtualization, virtual desktop strategies and solutions that address multivendor device management can help IT departments maintain control.


HR Analytics: Driving Return on Human Capital Investments [ Source: Oracle ]

March 2011- In today's economy, it's critical for organizations to make employee retention and development a major business focus, to ensure that valuable employees are not lost as the economy improves.

With advanced BI solutions, organizations can be supported by workforce analytics to drive return on human capital investment and to see the value the workforce delivers to organizational performance.

This white paper demonstrates how the increased power of having metrics and analytic ...

Enterprise 2.0 People & Culture: HR Management Challenges & Opportunities [ Source: Enterprise 2.0 Conference ]

October 2010- This paper examines how social media applications are influencing the workforce and how these technologies can be implemented to achieve core organization performance goals and improving business processes.

Understanding how to gain greater value and flexibility from the new highly-engaged workforce in conjunction with ‘Enterprise 2.0’ processes and technologies to effectively support critical business functions is a major challenge for organizations.

We examine the changing workforce and what they expect from a ...

5 Emerging Trends Affecting IT Staff in the Recovery [ Source: Hudson IT ]

August 2010-  As we move into an economic recovery phase, Hudson sought to understand how the people within our clients’ IT organizations are most affected. Aside from the obvious effects of staff reductions, a handful of trends are emerging as described in this article. Here is an excerpt…

Trend 1: FOCUS ON BUSINESS NEEDS REQUIRES MORE TALENTED PEOPLE -- Sharper IT Alignment with Business Needs Drives Focus on Building Quality Staff

One of the ...

Retaining Your IT Staff [ Source: IntaPeople ]

November 2010- At a time when many owners are just as happy sustaining business growth as they are increasing it, holding on to key IT talent should be a top priority. The cost of failing to hold on to these staff members can be enormous, especially considering the specialist knowledge often acquired by IT workers over the course of their employment. It is not unusual for incentives to be focused mainly around the sales team, but it ...

Ensuring You Have The Right Talent To Execute And Grow Your Business [ Source: Softscape ]

July 2010- There is little doubt that recessions breed a "hunker down" mentality among employees. Layoffs, pay freezes and cuts, hour cuts and furloughs, and a dismal job market all contribute to low employee morale and engagement. Once productive environments can quickly become toxic, further deteriorating productivity. Fortunately, there are steps you can take today to forestall the exodus of your top talent as economic recovery proceeds and the job market improves. This CEO guide provides three ...

The CEO's Guide to Succession Planning: Managing Risk and Ensuring Business Continuity [ Source: Softscape ]

June 2010- Once reserved for the upper echelons of senior management, and often viewed as replacement planning should catastrophe strike, today’s succession planning is being redefined. The discipline has broadened in both breadth and scope to become a central component of board-level strategy. Succession planning focuses on managing risk and ensuring continuity across all levels of the organization –- risk of untimely departures of critical personnel, risk of retirees taking their skills and knowledge with them ...

6 Reasons Why CIOs Should Embrace Cloud Computing Now [ Source: Hudson IT ]

June 2010- While many CIOs point to cost savings as the primary driving force of their Cloud initiatives, a growing number are seeing broader benefits that are focusing their team on delivering greater business value. Discover the tremendous benefits a mid-sized company can realize by moving some of their applications into the Cloud and about the factors that lead to success. In this informational white paper you will learn: * Real-world Cloud ROI calculations: benchmark your potential for ...

Laying The Groundwork For Change: How Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Relates To Electronic Document Management (EDM) [ Source: Optical Image Technology - DocFinity ]

May 2010- This article discusses personnel-related issues that are vital to address if an organization wants to maximize the success of its electronic document management implementations. Getting stakeholders involved, asking the right questions, overcoming longstanding habits, training and education, and envisioning the future you are working toward are some of the points that are explored.

Learn How Your Operations Really Work: What TV Can Teach You [ Source: Optical Image Technology - DocFinity ]

April 2010- This article uncovers some of the obstacles that keep managers from reaching their potential operational success and shows how a careful study of business processes and understanding of the people who are managing them can lead to success. The role of enterprise vision in improving the right processes in the best manner is also discussed.

Talent-Based Learning: Goodbye To The Standalone LMS [ Source: Softscape ]

March 2010- This white paper from Softscape describes how talent-based learning provides a framework to truly track effectiveness of learning management across an organization and integrate those findings to improve workforce performance and productivity.

The Definitive Guide To Talent Mobility [ Source: Softscape ]

March 2010- Softscape provides a white paper to address talent mobility. This report explores the importance of a talent mobility strategy, considerations for approaching and deploying the strategy and supporting technology, and the significant business benefits that it affords.

Seven Steps To Escaping Process Chaos [ Source: Consected LLC ]

December 2009- This white paper is a practical guide to improving business processes in your organization: Seven Steps to Escaping Process Chaos. In this guide you will learn about the seven steps you can use to improve business processes faster. The steps offer practical information you can use when working through when improving your business processes.

When Should You Hire A Mainframe Systems Consultant? [ Source: Longpela Expertise ]

September 2009- As mainframe technical skills become increasingly hard to find, many organizations are struggling with their mainframe-related problems and projects. In particular, high-caliber senior systems-related skills are exceptionally rare, and for some organizations unattainable. This white paper discusses how consultants can be a viable, cost-effective way of accessing mainframe systems skills. It examines mainframe consultants, how they can be a good or bad choice, how to find the best consultants, and how to get the most ...

Cost-Benefit Analysis Of An RFID Asset-Tracking System [ Source: Ramp RFID Solutions ]

July 2009- Ramp RFID Solutions presents an RFID cost-benefit analyses of an RFID asset-tracking system. An experiment comparing RFID with bar-coding was conducted and the findings from this experiment were further analyzed from the point of view of a hypothetical, but realistic, asset-tracking operation.

Leadership Training: Three Perspectives on Development Methods That Work [ Source: SkillSoft ]

August 2009- Developing talent is job one for human resources professionals to ensure their company's long-term competitiveness. Find out how top HR and talent development experts rely on leadership training inside and outside the classroom to drive alignment with corporate strategic goals and tap into unutilized employee potential.

Building Your IT Staff: Essential Experience and Skill Sets for Tomorrow's Challenges [ Source: SkillSoft ]

August 2009- Today's IT departments must be true business partners, actively engaged in serving internal and external customers, and aligned with company goals. IT leaders discuss how educating and training IT professionals for leadership leads to high-performance, business-savvy tech teams.

Selecting & Implementing an Effective Time & Expense Management Solution [ Source: Atlantic Global PLC ]

August 2009- In this guide, Atlantic Global looks at some of the common benefits of automating your timesheet and expense capture; how significant cost savings can be achieved, and how your organization can potentially improve its bottom line. Atlantic focuses on basics such as home-grown vs. dedicated solutions and client-installed software vs. software as a service (SaaS), and complex areas of tax credits and automated client billing. Using real client case studies, we highlight some of the ...

CRM Software Guide for Small Business [ Source: SURADO CRM ]

November 2006- There are many articles on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its benefits. However, most articles cater to large organizations and don't concentrate on the needs and objectives of small business owners and managers. The purpose of this whitepaper is to educate small business owners on what, why and how CRM can retain existing customers and help their business grow.

How Outsourcing Can Help Recession-Proof Your Company [ Source: Infuze Technologies Inc. ]

July 2009- The economic downturn has forced many companies in the U.S. and Europe to reduce spending across the board. For the information technology organization in these companies, this financial hardship means falling behind in the fast-moving Web service-oriented economy. Outsourcing with the right offshore development partner can overcome this problem. It can enable companies to maintain an aggressive strategy of new Web application development in the face of budget reductions of up to 70 percent.

Building a Scaleable Banking Organizaton [ Source: Metavante Corporation ]

June 2009- Compensation expense accounted for about 44 percent of operating costs for the U.S. banking industry as a whole through March 31, 2009. It is, by far, the largest controllable expense category in most financial institutions and is an obvious target for potential savings during an economic downturn. True to form in a recession, overall employment declined by nearly 98,000 full-time equivalent positions, or 4.4 percent of the workforce, in the last 12 months in U.S. banks. Total compensation expense ...

The Top 5 Ways ECM Can Help You Avoid An Annoying Co-worker [ Source: Optical Image Technology - DocFinity ]

June 2009- This article discusses interoffice relationships and gives tips for using enterprise content management to address typical barriers to office productivity. Its light-hearted discussion of common workplace issues deals with real problems that can negatively affect productivity, and shows how to address them effectively. Electronic access to documents, business process management, and integration are highlighted.

Looking Beyond Cost: Practical Guidance For Leaders Contemplating Organizational Change [ Source: Celerant Consulting ]

April 2009- Despite a daunting amount of literature on organizational design and behavior, there is limited practical guidance on how to execute organizational change and make it sustainable. Defining the right structure is vitally important, but the truth is that even the best designs rarely see the light of day. A recent study coauthored by Celerant Consulting and the Economist Business Intelligence Unit indicated that greater than half of all organizational initiatives fail to achieve their expected ...

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