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HR Field Guide: 5 Tips To Effective Learning Management [ Source: Softscape ]

December 2009- Learning management systems (LMS) manage all aspects of education by automating and managing the administration, management, delivery, and end-user experience of blended learning programs. This field guide will explore five critical steps to ensure that you get the most out of your learning management investments.

10 Dying IT Skills [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

June 2009- There are some things in life, like good manners, which never go out of style, and there are other things, like clothing styles that fall in and out of fashion, but when an IT skill falls out of favor it rarely ever comes back. Here's our list of 10 dying IT skills. If any of these skills are your main expertise, perhaps it's time to update your skill set

10 Hot Skills for 2009 [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

May 2009- Whether we are in a down economy, seeing jobs go offshore, or witnessing jobs being cut altogether, there are certain IT skills that will never go out of style. With spending on cost-saving technologies such as virtualization rising, and the maintenance of networking and enterprise Microsoft software keeping IT professionals constantly in demand, here's our top 10 hot skills that will take us from a down economy and beyond.

2009 IT Skills and Salary Report [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

March 2009-
How much more could you be earning?

For the second year in a row, Global Knowledge and TechRepublic have partnered to create a comprehensive IT salary survey. With over 14,150 responses, the 2009 report has turned out to be one of this year's most relevant and revealing salary surveys in the industry.

Despite the current economic pressures, the salaries of IT professionals did post a 10% gain over the results reported in our 2008 ...

Smartsourcing in Eastern Europe [ Source: Team International ]

September 2008- According to the New York Times, American companies are cashing in on outsourcing their IT and non-IT needs to Eastern Europe along with the Western European organizations. Such multinational players as Dell, IBM and Morgan Stanley have recently outsourced their services to Eastern Europe and expect other US companies to do so. What advantage is hidden behind the Eastern Europe's IT scene? Find out with this informative white paper.

Consumer-Driven Healthcare Survey [ Source: A.D.A.M. Inc ]

June 2006- The Consumer-Driven Healthcare (CDH) survey of U.S. businesses has yielded a number of important findings: CDH is a significant development in employee benefits; the more popular CDH plan incorporates a Health Savings Account; managers are on a steep CDH learning curve; they’re getting their information from a variety of diverse sources; the highest expectations for CDH are financial; and communication is critical to the success of CDH.