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Mobile Security: Confidence Ebbs as BYOD Booms [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

November 2014- Security risks have grown roughly in proportion to the meteoric growth in employee-owned mobile devices within the workplace. Meanwhile cyber-attacks are growing in sophistication and severity. According to data from a new IDG Research survey, these dynamics have IT decision makers scrambling to tighten and revise BYOD policies while addressing the holistic issue of endpoint security. Download this two-page paper detailing the IDG Research results and for expert advice on securing your organization's data in ...

Tablets That Work for Business [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

November 2014- Tablets designed for work as well as play finally are robust enough to overcome barriers to enterprise adoption. Here's a look at how enterprise tablets differ from their consumer cousins -- and how their use can open doors to new opportunities.

The Tao of IT Portfolio Management [ Source: Innotas ]

May 2014- Lessons from the Tao Te Ching are Universal, meant to help us navigate the right path to personal and spiritual enlightenment. They work for IT too. This brand new eBook from Innotas will help you discover the ten most important steps to strategic, competitive, and financial enlightenment across your IT portfolio. Find out how to:

• Clear the mud: Gain visibility across IT for context rich prioritization and decision-making
• Value the ...

The A to Z of Mobile Workforce Scheduling Optimization [ Source: ClickSoftware ]

March 2014- Organizations considering a mobile workforce scheduling solution need to consider costs versus benefits, change management concerns, personnel needed to implement the project and more. This business paper provides the reader with the information required to choose and implement the best solution for their needs.

Managing Multiple Operating Systems: 5 Best Practices [ Source: Dell Software ]

February 2014- Learn how the five best practices outlined in this white paper can help your enterprise IT department properly manage and support a broad range of devices and operating systems in an efficient, scalable and secure way.

Enabling a Safe and Secure Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Environment [ Source: Dell Software ]

October 2013- Work is no longer viewed as a place, but as an activity that's independent of location and specific technology. Organizations are moving from a PC-centric to a user-centric model, where employees bring their own devices (BYOD) that best suit their specific needs. Learn how KACE Appliances can help you embrace BYOD safely.

Three Strategies To Protect Endpoints from Risky Applications [ Source: Dell ]

August 2013- Many organizations have invested heavily in improving their endpoint risk-management processes, but still find themselves ill equipped to handle the myriad third-party applications that pose the most serious risks. Find out three strategies you can employ to start protecting your vulnerable endpoints from risky applications.

The Cloud - Inevitable, But Not Ambiguous [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

July 2013- With so much hype surrounding the cloud, most IT professionals understandably are left scratching their heads and wondering: Should I move to the cloud? Where will it be the most helpful? How can it help drive efficiencies? Where does it not make sense? How can I separate the potential from the marketing fluff?

Read this white paper to separate the technology and business potential from the marketing fluff. Get answers to your most ...

Desktop Virtualization Takeaway Guide [ Source: VMware ]

April 2013- It is critical for IT to understand the differences between the various desktop virtualization platforms and to focus on the features most relevant to their organization. This guide will discuss which issues are most relevant when considering desktop virtualization platforms and evaluate how the industry's leading platform is delivering innovative solutions.

Business Case for Desktop Virtualization: Information Guide [ Source: VMware ]

April 2013- The single operating system and single device per user is a model of the past. In the Post-PC era, IT must protect data security and control user access to data, while managing the range of applications and devices for all users. This guide will help you identify the business and technical benefits of virtualizing your desktop environment.

A Simple Path to Effective Root Cause Analysis [ Source: Neebula ]

April 2013- Anyone who has worked an IT Service Desk knows that on average 80 percent of incident & problem management time is spent identifying and analyzing the root cause of an incident... less than 20% is dedicated to fixing the underlying issue. Knowledge is power. Make IT administrators heroes by significantly reducing MTTR and IT executives happy by increasing service availability. This eBook provides problem detection methods, tips for improving root cause analysis, and outlines several approaches for root-cause ...

Return on Investment in EHRs [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

February 2013- This whitepaper discusses features and benefits of an EHR system, government incentives, sources for ROI (return on investment) as well as building the business case for EHR. It also addresses areas of efficiency savings and reductions in "soft costs."

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Seven questions to answer when deploying new mobile capabilities [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- When it comes to employee-owned smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices in the workplace, the numbers do the talking. A recent survey by The Aberdeen Group found that 72 percent of responding companies allowed the practice known as BYOD-bring your own device. BYOD raises questions you may not have considered.

This white paper outlines seven key questions to ask when deploying new mobile capabilities.

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study: Okta Identity Management Service [ Source: Okta ]

June 2013- For this October 2012 study, Okta commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying Okta On-Demand Identity and Access Management service. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of Okta on their organization. For this study, Forrester conducted an interview with one existing Okta customer.

The analysis showed that Okta benefited ...

The Unified Communications Journey [ Source: Cisco ]

February 2013- IT managers know the benefits of unified communications (UC)-but where, when, and how much should they invest and deploy? Forrester explores how IT managers can expand UC capabilities with smart and effective infrastructure investment.

Read white paper.

The Expanding Role of Mobility in the Workplace [ Source: Cisco ]

February 2013- Momentum is growing for corporate mobility-64% of firms say that unleashing employee mobility is a priority. Forrester examines the trends, outlines deployment priorities, and highlights the business benefits of crafting a mobile strategy.

Learn more.

IDC Analyst Connection: ALM PaaS Cloud Solutions for Governance and Business Innovation [ Source: CollabNet ]

January 2013- This Q&A document forecasts where IT development organizations are headed in the next 18-24 months and what they need to do to benefit from emerging technologies.

Windows 8 for Small and Medium Businesses: 6 Best Practices [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- You may be wandering whether it is worthwhile to move to Windows 8. It is important to consider the hardware you have now and to think about the future, bearing in mind emerging trends such as virtualization and the cloud. Download now to get compelling reasons to adopt Windows 8 for your business.

Windows 8 and BYOD, Embrace the Trend [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- Mobile devices that are entering the market and workplace need to strike a balance between security and usability. This white paper reveals how Dell's new Windows 8 devices have been designed from the ground up with BYOD in mind. Find out how they embrace both personal and professional needs of end users and IT needs.

Six Myths of Windows RT Revealed! [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- There has been a lot of misinformation being circulated about capabilities of Windows RT, the new Microsoft operating system for ARM tablets. This paper dispels a number of those myths. Read on to find out the capabilities of this new operating system.

Managing Multiple Operating Systems - 5 Best Practices [ Source: Dell ]

December 2012- The world of IT has changed significantly in recent years. With so many options, today's organizations and users are moving away from a PC-only model to a more diverse approach that embraces multiple devices running on a variety of platforms. This white paper addresses the enterprise IT trends that are forcing IT departments to broaden what they support.

Download now to get five best practices for tackling this growing issue.

Email Management in the Cloud Enables NBA Championship Team to Reduce Complexity & Administrative Burden and Cost [ Source: mimecast ]

November 2012- More than 2,000 companies around the world have replaced multiple, on-premise point solutions with Mimecast subscriptions in order to significantly reduce the risk, complexity and overall cost of email management.

Read why the Celtic's Vice President of Technology chose to do the same.

Managing Multiple Operating Systems: Five Best Practices [ Source: Dell KACE™ ]

November 2012- It’s on the wish list of every IT team—how to manage multiple operating systems. Learn best practices to managing a multi-OS environment in an efficient, scalable and secure way. Read the white paper today.

EO 13514 and Smart Federal Government Data Center Management [ Source: Raritan ]

February 2013- EO 13514 has made the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a priority. Federal agency data centers need to perform more efficiently and reduce energy usage. This white paper examines data center management measurement, use and saving of energy in relation to the goals established by EO 13514.

Creating an Agile Workforce in Financial Services [ Source: Verint ]

January 2013- Is your organization struggling to find innovative ways to contain costs, generate revenue, and improve customer satisfaction? Discover why industry-leading banks are turning to enterprise workforce management solutions to help them create an agile workforce – one that can swiftly adapt to changing conditions and cross functional boundaries to service customers across the enterprise. Download this ebook from Verint? Systems to discover:

•??How scheduling requirements differ for branch, contact
??? center, and ...

What's your Social IT maturity? [ Source: ITinvolve ]

November 2012- Some believe social media in business is just hype, and some say it's the future. By reading this thought leadership paper you will gain new understanding into how social IT is defined, its benefits, and how to assess your own social IT maturity.

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