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How Mobile is Transforming Enterprise Customer Experience [ Source: OpenMarket ]

September 2014- Customers today demand smooth and efficient experiences throughout the whole customer lifecycle--from the moment they start to look for a product or service to the moment they decide whether to replace it or upgrade. In that continuum of customer touch points, enterprises have many opportunities to improve the customer experience and to engage with customers where they are: on their mobile devices. This paper describes a more holistic view of customer service, provides real examples ...

Beyond the Executive Suite: Video Conference is Now Available to Virtually Everyone [ Source: Lifesize ]

October 2014- Until recently, video conferencing has had limited usefulness because the technology was expensive to own and maintain. And, since no global address book existed, the only people you could speak to were those with whom you shared the system--typically people in your own company. As a result, video conferencing was restricted to Fortune 500 business units talking to colleagues in the same corporation. But all that has changed, thanks to the cloud. It's moved video conferencing ...

How CIOs Can Guide the Enterprise to Mobile Success [ Source: OpenMarket ]

June 2014- In this paper we look at the new, front-line role of IT and security, specifically within enterprises using mobile messaging technologies, and suggest ways to mitigate risk and avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls.

The Benefits of Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi for Budgets and Productivity [ Source: Xirrus ]

May 2013- Wireless devices have changed the way organizations and their users interact. Mobile smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wireless enabled devices have driven the mindset that wireless networks must be ubiquitous, fast, and constantly available. These are demands that have traditionally put organizations and their users in direct contrast with their IT departments, as constructing and maintaining wireless infrastructures have typically been time-consuming, complex, and costly endeavors.

Mobile Device Management for Financial Services [ Source: Fiberlink ]

May 2013- Financial Mobility-Balancing Security and Success

Financial services companies have been leery to embrace the enterprise mobility wave. Rightly so, regulations from Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) have given financial IT professionals extra concern for caution. From BYOD to Corporate-Owned, Every Mobile Device Protected

The good news is that with Mobile Device Management (MDM) iPhones, iPads and the ...

Guide to Social IT Basics [ Source: Service Now ]

June 2013- When IT organizations utilize social media, it can efficiently help more people inside and outside the data center quickly access more services and knowledge. Combined people's knowledge and good will and the essence of information technology service management (ITSM) can be more fully realized.

Vulnerability Shielding: The Patch Management Challenge [ Source: Trend Micro ]

September 2012- Each year thousands of critical software flaw vulnerabilities are reported in operating systems, databases, servers, and other applications. Patching these vulnerabilities can be disruptive and time consuming, requiring systems to be rebooted and impacting service level agreements. Even when a patch is available, it can take weeks or even months before the patch can be fully deployed.

Download "Vulnerability Shielding: The Patch Management Challenge" to learn about some of the key features and ...

Bring your own mobile devices to school [ Source: HP ]

August 2012- In today’s educational environments, more and more students, guests, and faculty are bringing in their own Wi-Fi devices into the school’s network. This presents a unique challenge to the IT administrator.

This paper discusses the challenges and solutions IT administrators are facing and how HP is addressing the security and management of the multiple devices being introduced into the wireless/wired network.

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The 7 Key Factors in Choosing a Mobile Device Management Solution [ Source: BlackBerry ]

July 2012- Learn what you should be looking for when choosing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution provider. Also uncover the key attributes of one solution that delivers the features every enterprise should demand when it comes to security, manageability, stability, and technical/customer support.

Gartner Report: Use Best Practices to Implement a WLAN [ Source: Xirrus ]

July 2012- Mobility is the #1 issue facing Enterprise IT today. With the rapid growth of smart devices, organizations are increasingly depending on wireless to transform their businesses.

Learn from Gartner?s Tim Zimmerman the best practices to implement a WLAN.

HP Networking Technologies Help Gilbert Public Schools Connect to Millions in Savings [ Source: HP ]

June 2012- Expanding and upgrading your school district's outdated LAN network is vital in meeting the multimedia needs of your students and faculty while preventing network outages, spotty coverage, and security concerns.

Learn how Gilbert Public Schools found a broadband network solution that saved them $2 million over other proposals.

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Getting a Better Grip on Mobile Devices [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- The increasing use of smartphones and tablet computers as business tools has brought organizations and their employees new levels of productivity, flexibility and mobility. IBM offers solutions and strategies for managing both employee-owned and enterprise-owned equipment

The new workplace: are you ready? Implications for IT managers [ Source: IBM ]

May 2012- In this White paper, learn about the the six-step blueprint from IBM Workplace Infrastructure Strategy and Design Services. Designed specifically to help organizations envision and create new workplaces.

This solution provides a strategy and road map for establishing an agile workplace environment with improved service levels, enhanced productivity and reduced costs, while fostering business innovations.

Tour Operator Uses BlackBerry Smartphone to Help Drive Sales, Improve Efficiency and Build Competitive Advantage [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2012- Sending more than 22,000 high school and university students on trips abroad each year requires logistical prowess and constant communication.

Dealing primarily with young adults, Breakaway soon learned that typical office hours were inconvenient and ineffective. Recognizing the opportunity to use a mobile solution, the company deployed 23 BlackBerry smartphones to its sales staff.

The sales staff now uses email, text, BlackBerry Messenger and social networking apps to build and maintain relationships with ...

Manufacturing Customers Get a Mobile Catalog of Gaskets Thanks to a New BlackBerry Smartphone App [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2012- As a wholesale supplier and distributor of fluid sealing and pump protection products, it's crucial for Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd. to help its customers make the right choice - doing so helps prevent gas and liquid leaks. With thousands of different options, however, an error-free decision is often difficult for service people to make.

Seeing an opportunity to help its customers and local distributors, TFC worked with BlackBerry® Alliance Elite Member FloatPoint ...

Telecom and Network Infrastructure Company Improves Inventory Accuracy with Help From a Custom BlackBerry Application [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2012- Expertech developed a custom in-house built BlackBerry application called Expertech Tool Room® to provide near real-time inventory and tracking of their capitalized tools.

This allows them to optimize their tool usage, reduce time spent on the inventory process and keep accurate count of tools available.

Advocacy Group for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Gives High Marks to BlackBerry Accessibility Features [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2012- Because TDI is a trusted advisor, it has a discerning perspective on what makes a wireless device accessible.

One of the technologies they promote to their members is the BlackBerry® solution. BlackBerry smartphones are desirable because many models enable customized vibrations (for calls, instant messages, calendar reminders, etc.), so it's easy for someone to know what communications they've received without looking at the device.

To respond to the needs of ...

IBM Customer Experience Suite and Mobile Application Delivery [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- IBM Customer Experience Suite software-enabled web portals provide personalized applications based on role, context, actions, location, preferences and team collaboration needs. Mobile Web portals extend access to portal services and data from many of the approximately 3 billion mobile devices in use to help enterprises reach their audiences, thereby increasing customer loyalty, improving mobile employee productivity and gaining competitive advantage.

Bonjour Gateway: Enterprise-level Zero-Configuration Networking for Apple Devices [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

March 2012- To make networks service-aware and make BYOD with Apple devices a native part of every network, Aerohive has built a Bonjour Gateway to manage and control Apple service availability (such as AirPrintTM, AirPlay, file sharing, collaboration applications, etc.) across an entire enterprise network.

Two Roads to Mobile Workforce Management: Choosing Between On-Premises and Cloud Delivery [ Source: ClickSoftware ]

March 2012- Companies with mobile workforces face two important technology trends. One is the use of mobile workforce management solutions that can add critical support to business strategies. The other is the growth of cloud-based solutions as an alternative to traditional on-premises deployment.

Combining the two through cloud-based mobile workforce management can make sense, depending on the specific circumstances and goals of a company. By taking into account the technical market drivers and strategic considerations, ...

Securing end-user mobile devices in the enterprise [ Source: IBM ]

February 2012- As your mobile enterprise expands and devices grow more robust, security risks increase. With careful preparation, you can use the latest tools and expertise to protect your assets. Read this white paper to learn how to develop an enforceable mobile security policy and practices to secure your corporate data.

Rethink Your Branch Network Strategy: Create More Flexible, More Productive Branch Networks [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- In today's virtual enterprise, access to corporate resources must be secure, reliable, and manageable, with consistently enforced policy while simultaneously allowing access from anywhere at any time. This is why access network strategies have become critical to business growth. If IT can empower every remote worker with the full capabilities available at headquarters, the business can differentiate itself and directly influence the company's bottom line.

The Ultralight Branch White Paper [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- The distributed, virtualizing enterprise seeks to limit - or break - the relationship between physical location and the ability of a business to function. By shifting from traditional mid-sized to small branches to larger numbers of very small locations, the enterprise can more agilely address its business needs and opportunities.

This strategy requires that IT be able to implement a location for a small number of users with very low overhead, and that ...

WLAN Management Moves to the Cloud [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- While wireless and mobile topics have been central to any discussion regarding IT strategy for some time, an element that goes hand-in-hand with mobility is the provisioning of a broad range of services in the cloud. Cloud, for our purposes here, refers to any capability that is made available via a network connection, this so as to encompass both public (typically, Web-based) as well as local or private cloud services. The concept of cloud services, ...

The iEverything Enterprise: Understanding and Addressing IT's Dilemma in a BYOD World [ Source: Aerohive Networks ]

January 2012- Virtualization, cloud computing, and wireless technology are fundamentally changing enterprise computing, providing revolutionary gains in productivity and cost savings. Powerful enterprise applications can now be delivered to almost any device, anywhere, at any time and take advantage of tremendous computing power available in consumer devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Regardless of whether these devices are issued corporately or personally owned, almost every IT department is experiencing the effects of unprecedented smart device adoption in ...

Customer Order Orchestration: Cross Industry 2.0 Business Model Enablement by Frost & Sullivan [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- The communications marketplace continues to emphasize customers - consumers, business customers, and enterprise users - as evidenced by an evolving universe of applications combined with network-based services. Most of these packages hold high customer appeal because of the user devices that are now available; mobile broadband connectivity that begins to rival fixed-line connections in some locales, a virtual sea of downloadable applications and an increasing business focus on cloud-based services.

These factors now ...

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