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Could your Content be Working Harder - and Smarter? [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Equipping IT with the resources that they need to optimize the user experience to match that of consumer applications can help you achieve the business outcomes you want, while making the most of your enterprise content management (ECM) investments.

10 Ways to Build Better CRM Processes [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- Most businesses see the value in CRM and ERP. When implemented properly, these platforms can enable better sales, more efficient marketing, and drive both top line and bottom line revenue growth. Getting there, however, is a challenge. While the C-suite and the owners of the business understand what they need when it comes to CRM, it's often difficult for them to articulate their specific business needs to IT. As a result, IT managers need concrete, ...

Gaining and Executing a Smarter Understanding of Customers [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- This article discusses the urgent need for firms to successfully engage with customers, including handling issues such as social media and mobility, and at accomplishing this goal with smarter IBM collaboration and CRM solutions. It points to results IBM has achieved.

Delivering a seamless experience across every channel [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- With the growth of ecommerce and m-commerce over the last ten years, the way people shop, book travel and do their banking has changed enormously. As life gets busier, more and more people turn to online or mobile channels for a quicker and easier experience. As a result, many businesses are responding to this change by prioritizing their focus on online and mobile channels. In fact, in a recent survey of more than 500 e-commerce and ...

Intelligent Imaging for the Real Time World [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Banking is undergoing a massive shift that began with the automated teller machine, continued with online banking, and is now accelerating with the advent of mobile computing. It wasn't that long ago that banking customers were limited to the branch on Main Street. Teller services were confined to the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. "banker's hours" of the 1800's and loan approvals proceeded at a stately, unhurried pace. But today, customers are free to do ...

Social Media Analytics: Making Customer Insights Actionable [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- This white paper will examine the role social media can play in presenting a more strategic view of customer data and how the right combination of technologies can deliver insight to help companies more effectively meet perpetually shifting consumer demands expressed through, and influenced by, these dynamic communication channels. We will look at the implications for marketing and sales, but also IT. And we will consider how and why social media tools and applications can ...

Big Data Extracting Value from your Digital Landfills [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- In this report, we record how users see the potential benefits of big data analytics. We explore some of the more practical and popular applications, and we also look at the issues that are holding users back, including skills shortages, product immaturity and implementation uncertainties.

Text Analytics:The Hurwitz Victory Index Report [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- Unstructured data is everywhere - in emails, call center notes, verbatim survey responses, tweets, blogs, and online news - to name just a few sources. In fact, by most industry estimates, unstructured text accounts for eighty percent of the data available to companies. Text analytics is being embraced at a rapid rate by organizations that want to gain insight into this information and use it for a competitive advantage. Factors fueling this growth include a ...

Why Leading Marketers Outperform [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- Put personalized marketing to work.

Evolving technology and social trends offer many avenues for improving customer engagements. Forward-thinking organizations can now interact with individuals, while using insights from hard data to improve how they invest in marketing resources. Read the IBM? white paper for more information on how to launch a system of engagement that fuels growth and innovation.

Scaling the Customer Conversation [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- IBM recently underwent a major transformation, reorienting their entire business to focus more on customer needs. A fundamental element of this shift to Smarter Commerce was the implementation of marketing automation software. This not only allowed for cross-channel communication, it also let IBM engage with individuals directly. Read the white paper to learn how adopting this strategic approach helped improve customer experiences and response rates, while saving energy and costs.

The Business Of Social Business [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- The value in social acquaintances

Today, social approaches have become the norm for creating meaningful business value. In an IBM IBV executive study however, nearly three-quarters of respondents admitted that they were unprepared to embrace this shift in customer engagement. This white paper reveals how business leaders can successfully leverage social business, internally and externally, to deliver valued customer experiences, increase productivity and accelerate innovation.

Winning Over the Empowered Consumer: Why Trust Matters [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- A new IBM Institute for Business Value survey of more than 28,000 consumers from around the world confirms that while consumers actively discuss, critique, promote, and even dismiss your brand, they will give their loyalty only to a few select retailers. How well retailers and product brands identify the arbiters that determine what's hot and what's not and build trust with both individuals and communities of like-minded consumers will determine whether they benefit from a base ...

6 Ways To Create a Customer Centric Culture [ Source: Jive ]

June 2013- Companies today are acutely interested in becoming more customer-centric and increasing customers' lifetime value. One key way to deepen engagement with customers is by creating and cultivating a customer community, but many companies don't know how to develop a compelling community-one that keeps customers engaged over time. Learn 6 ways to create a customer centric culture.

Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center [ Source: ]

June 2013- The evolution of customer communications from telephony to multichannel interactions, including IM and chat, SMS, email, and social media, have created a new era in the relationship between businesses and customers, once which is based upon each customer's preferred communications modality. This evolution of the call center into a multichannel Customer Engagement Center necessitates a shift in not only engagement strategy to meet customers on the engagement medium of choice, but also an assessment of ...

A Survival Guide for the Post-PC World [ Source: Digital Service Cloud ]

June 2013- While the PC market faces widespread commoditization and consolidation, business models are changing to embrace economic realities and take advantage of emerging and disruptive technologies. This new business format has a counterbalancing impact on the poor customer service that resulted from commoditization. This disruption is based in cloud computing, and it has impacted the way companies support their customers, and how customers access services.

Find out how your enterprise can survive the Post-PC ...

Putting the Efficiency Of End-To-End Automation To Work Across the Enterprise [ Source: IBM ]

April 2013- An end-to-end systems automation approach reaches across the enterprise's distributed and mainframe environments alike with scalability that can accommodate even the largest infrastructures. It is broad in scope to manage ever-increasing IT complexity. And it is integrated to tie together low-level information coming from critical resources with high-level views and control of the enterprise. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, allowing operational simplicity, efficiency and consistency. IBM Systems Automation provides an ...

Customer Communications in Life Insurance: Enabling Profitable Growth [ Source: Cincom Systems ]

February 2013- This whitepaper from Strategy Meets Action (SMA) focuses on superior customer communication's role in capitalizing on the changes that are occurring in the life insurance industry. The twin pillars for profitable growth - new customer acquisition and improved retention - depend on high quality customer communications. This is not a case in which technology advancements fall short of needed solution requirements. The automated tools are in place. The capabilities for supporting the creation, management, and ...

Unified Information Access for Financial Services Institutions [ Source: Attivio, Inc. ]

February 2013- This whitepaper explores new ways in which financial institutions can better optimize their information to support strategic interests, improve productivity, reduce costs, accelerate business processes, and allow staff to focus on the organization's core mission.

Three Rules for Building Smarter Order Management [ Source: IBM ]

January 2013- A seamlessly orchestrated order management system lets companies cross over from simply filling orders to effectively leveraging inventory, maximizing internal and external resources and keeping order promises, which keeps customers happy.

Achieving this level of efficiency is possible with concerted focus on three critical goals:
1. Become truly cross-channel.
2. Remain nimble in your order management process.
3. Leverage inventory across all channels and organizations.

Understanding the complexity of B2B Integration: Insight for Mid-market Leaders [ Source: IBM ]

January 2013- For midmarket businesses, integrating with customers and suppliers and ensuring supply chain visibility are more important now than ever before. B2B partner communities have gone global, and supply chains are constantly expanding and becoming more complex.

Organizations that make business partner collaboration and supply chain visibility an integral part of their business can drive better relationships with their business partners and experience higher operating profits.

In the Aberdeen Group report "...

Service Cloud: Deliver Next Generation of Customer Service [ Source: ]

December 2012- Realize the value and operating challenges of online support communities. Chatter Communities for Service solves nearly all of the traditional problems of online communities. Use it as a force multiplier for your support organization, and revenue generator for your sales and marketing teams. Positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers [ Source: ]

December 2012- Business requirements for customer-centricity start with consistent customer service across all channels, including social ones. Gartner's 2012 Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Service Contact Centers looks at vendors that are responding to the challenge of "any channel" customer engagement.

Find out why more than 100,000 customers worldwide rely on Salesforce CRM applications to transform their businesses. And then learn more about how the Service Cloud helps deliver great service at the lowest cost, while increasing:<...

Building profitable cross-channel. Using analytics and personalized marketing to increase revenue and customer loyalty [ Source: IBM ]

October 2012- This white paper explores the fast-changing customer relationship landscape in financial services. It outlines strategies and technologies that financial services marketers can use to better understand customers and market effectively across traditional and digital channels, with sections on:

Inbound marketing
Event-based marketing
Digital marketing and personalized retargeting
Web analytics
Mobile and social channels
Customer lifecycle management

By combining analytics and cross-channel marketing automation, financial services providers ...

IBM's State of Marketing Survey 2012: Marketers' Biggest Challenges and Opportunities Reveal the Rise of the Empowered Customer [ Source: IBM ]

September 2012- Marketing technology is enabling profound changes in an organization's relationship with customers, creating new challenges and new opportunities. Getting an in-depth look at how marketers from across the globe are responding to this empowered consumer provides important insights into the underlying characteristics of successful marketing organizations. The third annual IBM State of Marketing Survey 2012 provides precisely this kind of insight. The 2012 survey results deepen our understanding of marketing practitioners' level of technology adoption and maturity ...

CRM Market Evaluation by Nucleus Research [ Source: ]

September 2012- Get the CRM Technology Value Matrix by Nucleus Research that evaluates the usability and functionality of CRM solutions that support sales, marketing, and customer service for any-sized business. This Matrix will help you evaluate additions, upgrades, and changes to core CRM solutions.

Top 10 Features Small and Medium Businesses Need in a CRM Solution [ Source: ]

September 2012- All sized organizations now recognize the value of using a CRM solution to manage interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. This whitepaper helps small and medium sized businesses evaluate best CRM features to help solve challenges as they grow. Download now.

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