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Transforming the Enterprise WAN [ Source: Sonus Networks ]

February 2015- This report looks at the business value of dynamic-path networking, flow networking, the "atomic element" of path control, and the opportunity to transform the nature of the WAN so that it can better deliver applications instead of packets. It will help IT executives understand the limitations of packet routing in traditional WAN networks as well as the key factors they should consider when adopting dynamic-path networking.

SIP Trunking for Dummies [ Source: Sonus Networks ]

August 2012- The SIP Trunking for Dummies book gives examples of how how SIP trunking, trunking consolidation, and the move to VoIP can collectively reduce traditional enterprise telecom bills by up to 75%. If you are doing research on making the move to SIP, this is a must read.

Master Mobile By Focusing on Productivity [ Source: Box ]

October 2014- View this infographic and learn how more enterprises are applying mobile to core processes, making customer support, sales operations, and everyday tasks more effective. By mastering mobility, IT teams play a key role in boosting productivity, efficiency, and ROI across the business.

High Bandwidth Internet Access: Opening Doors to New Capabilities [ Source: Cornerstone Advanced Communications ]

March 2013- High bandwidth, and the content that rides over it, enables rapid acceleration of business development and the type of collaboration that drives innovation. Companies are now choosing - from options such as fiber, cable access transport, copper, and wireless - the greatest bandwidth available in their markets. Gain perspective on trends in American and global markets that are generating the need for big bandwidth as companies rely increasingly on business and IT tools such as ...

Moving Beyond Spreadsheets and Diagrams: Getting Started with Data Center Infrastructure Management [ Source: Nlyte Software ]

November 2012- Many data center managers try to manage their dynamic environments with little more than spreadsheets and a few CAD diagrams. But as data centers have grown in size and complexity, managing this way has become increasingly difficult. Fortunately, there are many good Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions now available.

One of the challenges many companies face getting started with DCIM is that they are afraid that implementing a full scale DCIM solution ...

Drivers for Enterprise Virtualization Diversification [ Source: Red Hat ]

October 2012- A 2011 CIO Quick Pulse study found that nearly 75% of respondents who already have virtualization implemented into their datacenters have either already deployed a second vendor virtualization solution or are planning to. As the virtualization market matures, you would expect an increase in solution offerings through greater competition, resulting in lower product solution costs. Unfortunately, the proprietary virtualization software competitors are doing quite the opposite, driving up the costs of their proprietary solutions while simultaneously removing ...

Aberdeen Research: Unified Communications - Unleashing Transformation, Efficiency, Collaboration & Compliance [ Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications ]

March 2010- With so many potential points of contact – desk phones, soft phones, voice messaging, email, videoconferencing, texting, social media, mobile devices – how can we ever actually be reached within a reasonable timeframe? How does Unified Communications transform an organization’s communications infrastructure, improve efficiency, optimize work processes, and provide for business continuity and compliance? To find out, Aberdeen Group surveyed 184 organizations in more than 28 countries around the world.

Using key performance criteria to distinguish ...

Frost & Sullivan: Finding the Value in Unified Communications -- Understanding the Hierarchy of Return [ Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications ]

January 2011- To stay competitive in an increasingly global workplace, companies today must find ways to allow and encourage their employees to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Unified communications and collaboration—an integrated set of voice, video and Web collaboration applications—can enable advanced communications among employees, customers and business partners. But as is true with any technology deployment, IT and telecom executives must be able to justify the necessary investment—and demonstrating ...

Unified Communications Can Change Your Outlook - Making Your Small to Midsize Business Better [ Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications ]

December 2009- The goal of unified communications is simple: to make it easy and cost effective for employees to reach one another—as well as business partners and customers—as soon as they need to, wherever they are. The idea is to merge two or more communications into one user interface, allowing users to see whether someone is available for a phone call, conference or IM chat, and then to contact them in the most appropriate way. ...

The Proven Financial Benefits of SIP Trunk Consolidation [ Source: Siemens Enterprise Communications ]

November 2010- Siemens Enterprise Communications continues to lead the evolution of real-time unified communications by delivering innovative and customer-centric solutions with measurable financial benefits, and has proven both the technology and the savings for customers. Best of all, our open, standards-based solutions can overlay in-place PBX networks to speed ROI -- without the need for untimely rip-and-replace migrations.

In this paper, we’ll introduce the mechanisms of cost savings with SIP trunk consolidation, using Siemens ...

India Wireless Broadband Operator Options [ Source: Savitar Research Group ]

August 2010- Today, one of the biggest decisions operators face has a technology choice at its heart. LTE or WiMax? This harkens back to many of the standard wars that the world has seen and the questions that have to be answered are myriad and complex. Decisions need to be made from spectrum acquisition to deployed networks and eventually a business plan that returns good money on the investment in reasonable period. Savitar covers one such migration ...

Wireless Broadband in India: Evaluation of Technology Options [ Source: Savitar Research Group ]

September 2010- In the backdrop of the ongoing standards war, operators face difficult migration choices, namely Wimax "e" to Wimax "m" or TD-LTE. Technology decisions by operators are roiled by competing claims from the competing factions about their own technologies. As a result, operators do not have clear information to make the right decisions. Savitar presents an in-depth study on the technological feasibility of the co-existence of the competing technologies and a migration from one standard to ...

Next-generation Electro-Optics Technology with Coherent Detection [ Source: Alcatel-Lucent ]

June 2010- The Alcatel-Lucent 40G and 100G next-generation coherent solution helps operators to easily deploy high-capacity networks and leverage their assets while lowering the cost per transported bit.

A "Hands-Free" Approach to Optical Networking [ Source: Alcatel-Lucent ]

March 2010- The Alcatel-Lucent innovation of Zero-Touch Photonics simplifies the way optical wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) networks are managed, adding the flexibility, control and automation typical of a digital network in the optical domain without compromising on capacity and cost-efficiency. By implementing Zero-Touch Photonics operators can expect time, cost and resource savings, allowing them to focus their efforts — and investments — on growing their business.

Avoiding Trap Doors Associated with Purchasing a UPS System [ Source: Emerson Network Power ]

July 2010- A poor power protection strategy can lead businesses through a series of trap doors that lead to increased downtime, premature obsolescence and avoidable maintenance and replacement costs. The risk is especially severe for SMBs, which often can’t afford fallback systems when IT systems fail and deal with longer recovery times when there is an outage. IT professionals should evaluate their power protection strategy in terms of availability, growth, maintenance and flexibility.

Managing The Evolution Of Business Services With Carrier Ethernet [ Source: Reliance GLobalcom ]

July 2009- Carrier Ethernet solutions to integrate their service platforms, increase network capacity, simplify operations, and bring consistency to service delivery. Business network services have evolved extraordinarily during the past several decades, and the pace of change is accelerating. What hasn't changed over time is what propels these markets. On the demand side, customers make purchase decisions for network services based on price, bandwidth, connectivity, and performance requirements. On the supply side, new technologies, ease of network ...

Smart Policies for Personal-Liable Smartphones [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- When an individual’s device selection matches corporate control, policy and security needs, business benefits abound Smart Policies for Personal-Liable Smartphones.

With sleek designs and a variety of userfriendly features, smartphones have implanted themselves on the public’s consciousness—so much so that one leading industry research firm reports that a record 54.5 million such mobile devices were shipped in the fourth quarter last year. With sales rising nearly 40 percent over the same quarter ...

Secure Smartphone Apps: The Next Generation [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- The latest smartphone applications foster more mobility and productivity than ever before—as long as a secure mobile network is in place. Secure Smartphone Apps: The Next Generation It’s no secret: Smartphones are infiltrating the corporate world and making employees more productive.

Their use is no longer dictated by IT departments that provision them to executives and sales people. The rankand-file are buying them and receiving them as holiday gifts. And thanks ...

Pushing it to the streets (or to the Device) [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- Over the years, it has perfected a technology known as push. Push is the ability to send an email out to a BlackBerry as soon as it is received by an email server rather than having to wait for the Blackberry to poll or pull information from the server based on a preset schedule. The advantages of push are many.

Primary among these are that the BlackBerry does not have to wake up ...

Successful Mobile Deployments Require Robust Security [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- Mobility is no longer considered a luxury within enterprise but a critical part of a networking strategy as firms look to increase productivity and remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

As mobility becomes an integral part of the infrastructure, IT must deal with supporting numerous devices including laptops, smartphones and other mobile handhelds. The challenge for IT will be enabling productivity improvements while mitigating the risk of numerous types of devices. The ...

Understanding High Availability for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- Over the last fifteen years, mobility solutions have evolved from cell phones and pagers to platforms for wireless email and mobilizing business applications. Today’s road warriors depend on their mobile devices for fast, reliable, easy access to applications and corporate data. Mobile solution downtime can adversely affect customer service, productivity, sales, and revenues.

Overcoming CIO Challenges in Global Mobility Management [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- This paper looks at some of the challenges that CIOs are facing in managing mobility. This is clearly becoming more complex for large enterprises as mobility penetrates more deeply into their organisations, driven by changing working practices and supported by rapidly evolving technology.

In multinational companies, management of mobility is especially challenging because they almost always need to control mobility of staff across multiple countries and manage relationships with many service providers and ...

Economic Impact of a BlackBerry Solution in North American Enterprises [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- In September 2008 Research In Motion (RIM) commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises can realize by deploying mobility solutions using BlackBerry® smartphones and BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software.

Forrester defines a BlackBerry enterprise solution as consisting of both BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server which together deliver a range of benefits to the organization. BlackBerry smartphones are mobile handheld devices that enable companies to ...

Managing Mobility as a Business Imperative [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- Over a decade ago, mobile telephony entered the enterprise through the back door: employees who could afford mobile phones occasionally used them for business; specific business units budgeted for employee mobiles and then procured them locally; policies surrounding the usage of mobile phones for work were – where they existed at all – haphazard; there was little means of policy enforcement; and in no case were these mobile phones integrated into a business’s fixed telephony strategy, ...

BlackBerry Enterprise Server For IBM Lotus domino v5.0.1 Features and Technical Overview [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is designed to be a secure, centralized link between an organization's wireless network, communications software, applications, and BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server integrates with your organization's existing infrastructure, which can include messaging and collaboration software, calendar and contact information, wireless Internet and intranet access, and custom applications, to provide BlackBerry device users with mobile access to your organization's resources.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server supports AES and Triple DES ...

BlackBerry Enterprise Server For Microsoft Exchange v5.0.1 Features and Technical Overview [ Source: BlackBerry ]

April 2010- The BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is designed to be a secure, centralized link between an organization's wireless network, communications software, applications, and BlackBerry devices. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server integrates with your organization's existing infrastructure, which can include messaging and collaboration software, calendar and contact information, wireless Internet and intranet access, and custom applications, to provide BlackBerry device users with mobile access to your organization's resources.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server supports AES and Triple DES ...

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