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Laptop durability showdown: Dell vs HP & Lenovo [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

September 2011- The Dell Latitude E5420 and E6420 batteries also lasted longer than the competition's batteries, increasing the time workers could use their systems by as much as 18.2 percent, or an entire hour of working time!

The Dell Latitude E5420 and E6420 withstood damage and protected data, even after three drops. Neither the HP EliteBook 8460p nor the Lenovo ThinkPad T420 emerged intact - each experienced system failure before we were able to finish our ...

Migration Lesson Plan for Educational Institutions [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

February 2012- Is your university or K-12 school system ready for Windows 7? Study up on what your classrooms need to support the ever-growing multimedia workloads and new applications with a Windows 7 migration - all while keeping your legacy apps flowing smoothly and maintaining a flawless end-user experience.

PCs as Strategic Assets [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

January 2012- Because PC acquisition costs typically account for only 20 to 30 percent of TCO, Intel doe not fixate on these costs alone.

Instead, Intel aligns their PC fleet investments and management practices with their strategic goals.

3-Step-Migration: Microsoft Office 2003 to Oracle Open Office [ Source: Oracle Open Office ]

February 2011- This brief white paper is designed to assist IT professionals and system integrators who want to move a department or organization from Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP/2003 to Oracle Open Office. The paper starts with a licensing cost comparison and then presents a simple 3-step-process for migration: evaluation and business case; software and data Migration; and integration and maintenance.

The white paper discusses some of the key similarities and differences between Microsoft Office and Oracle ...

Oracle Office: Open Your Office for the Cloud [ Source: Oracle Open Office ]

February 2011- This white paper covers key trends in office productivity in the 21st century and how customers can benefit from them. These trends include proliferation of open standards, the latest web and mobile innovations, and tighter integration with enterprise applications. The internet and mobile devices are key drivers for new value-add in office software. The benefits from these trends will increase team productivity and significantly decrease IT costs. They increase productivity by easy-to-use team collaboration, web ...

Preventing Broken Links During Server OS Migrations [ Source: LinkTek ]

February 2010- Server Operating System (OS) migrations introduce the potential for broken file links — a major problem that can have a dramatic impact on usability and productivity.

Organizations planning data migrations are downloading this whitepaper to discover a software application that can automatically find and repair broken links in the most common file formats used today.

Estimating the Complexity of Your Microsoft Access Project [ Source: OpenGate Software Inc ]

December 2009- Microsoft Access is a leading desktop database application. With MS Access readily available on many PCs at work, a large number of prospective users try their hand at creating an Access database application to improve their group's productivity and minimize information errors often caused by maintaining data in spreadsheets. While Microsoft made many improvements in Access 2007 to simplify database creation, there is still much to learn when developing an Access database project. This brief paper ...

Preventing Data Loss When Migrating to Microsoft 2007 [ Source: MessageLabs, Symantec Hosted Services ]

December 2010- Understand the data loss risks for businesses when migrating to Microsoft Exchange 2007. Learn the sources of these risks, the consequences of not fully safeguarding data during this transition, and how archiving can play an important role in protecting against data loss in the transition. Discover the fail points in the migration that causes data loss such as site failures as well as the risks from the lengthy timeline to fully execute a migration. Finally, see ...

How To Migrate 10,000 Users A Week Fom Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange [ Source: Binary Tree ]

May 2009- Binary Tree's patent-pending "Migration Factory" process enables large organizations to migrate up to 10,000 users a week from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook. This process uses Binary Tree's CMT for Exchange software and a field-proven migration methodology to migrate more than 10 TB of messaging data and up to 10,000 users a week from geographically dispersed locations.

Achieving Successful Coexistence Between Notes and Microsoft Platforms [ Source: Dell Software ]

May 2009- When moving from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, making sure the two platforms can coexist during the migration is critical to success! Why? A migration could take weeks, months or years – so for a smooth transition period, enterprise applications must be able to operate between Notes, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

In the Quest white paper, “Achieving Successful Coexistence Between Notes and Microsoft ...

Moving an MS Access Database Application to the Web with Alpha Five Version 9 [ Source: Alpha Software ]

February 2009- Alpha Software’s latest white paper details how businesses can smoothly transition their Microsoft Access database applications to the Web using Alpha Five Version 9. Alpha Five is an all-in-one integrated tool that allows users to build secure and highly customized database applications with full reporting for the desktop or the Web quickly and easily.

User's Guide to Office 2007: No Need To Wait Deploy It Now [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

October 2008- New operating systems and programs are always a little intimidating, and they often require a learning curve. Office 2007 is no exception. However, after having tested Microsoft Office 2007 for the past year, the author of this white paper is in an excellent position to calm your fears, open new avenues, and even help you have a smooth deployment. Learn about the new Office 2007, including versions available, pricing and licensing options, hardware and operating systems compatibility, deployment ...

Better PDF for Business [ Source: Nuance ]

August 2008- Existing investments in connected desktop PC systems, coupled with the pervasiveness of Microsoft Office, should provide organizations with the ability to easily automate their document processes. However, in spite of advances in technology, the costs associated with creating, sharing and storing documents continue to rise.

The single greatest challenge to streamlining document-based processes in business is the fact that there are two incompatible dominant electronic document formats - Microsoft® Office and PDF. Microsoft ...

Getting More Out of PDF [ Source: Nuance ]

August 2008- Did you know that IDC estimates that the average cost per workers to manually re-work documents from PDF formats is more than $5,000 per year? This white paper examines how PDF Converter delivers cost-savings benefits by converting PDF files into fully formatted and editable Microsoft Word documents.

Benefits of End User Software Training [ Source: Brainstorm, Inc. ]

January 2008- Learn how end user training helps increase employee productivity and cut costs.

Take Exchange 2007 to the Max: Three ways layered security can maximize the return on your investment in Microsoft® Exchange 2007™ [ Source: Entrust, Inc. ]

December 2007- Microsoft Exchange is the transportation hub of your organization’s communications. Operations depend on the critical information that moves through your Exchange environment all day, everyday, enabling business to be conducted at a more efficient pace and at lower costs than ever before.

Replication Technology Eases Move from Lotus Notes to SharePoint [ Source: Infonic ]

April 2008- The Lotus Notes platform is often configured to provide local fast access to content by replicating Notes databases from one server to another. By replicating a single Notes database, only part of the Notes server is passed from the master to the replica, making replication simple to manage. Infonic can operate using the same granular scheme with a SharePoint server, but with considerably more network efficiency thanks to the patented Epsilon compression algorithm.

Intranet Improves Productivity and Access to Information, Reduces Costs [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- Brocade Communications Systems is based in California and delivers data management solutions to customers worldwide. The employees had difficulty finding corporate data stored in multiple locations. The company needed more effective tools for collaborating and sharing information. With help of EMC Corporation, Brocade implemented a new intranet based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to give employees better access to corporate data and collaboration tools. Employees now have the tools to contribute to the company more ...

European Agency Promotes Integration of Defence Sector With Collaboration Solution [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- The European Defense Agency (EDA) is a European Union (EU) agency established in 2004 to support member states in their efforts to improve European defense capabilities. Fragmented along national lines, the European defense sector needed to develop EU-wide collaborations to create a common defense technological and industrial base. EDA selected Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 which provides a collaboration platform for employees and stakeholders. EDA now has an Electronic Bulletin Board and uses human resources and facilities ...

Game Developer Switches From Linux, Improves Time-to-Market and Lowers Costs [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- Based in San Mateo, California, Glu Mobile employs 220 people. Glu Mobile wanted a more powerful and flexible Web site that it could personalize easily, to help it sell directly to customers as well as through traditional channels. But rebuilding the site with the Linux and Java technologies on which it was based posed potential problems in terms of time-to-market, cost, and functionality. Using the services of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Allin Consulting, Glu Mobile rebuilt ...

Norwegian Healthcare Provider Enhances Patient Care With Improved Team Working [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- Helse Bergen Haukeland University Hospital is a major healthcare trust in Norway with 11 institutions, 1,100 hospital beds and 8,500 employees. Helse Bergen employees stored and distributed important documents, like patient treatment procedures, using paper files and a group-wide intranet that was several years old. This made it difficult for employees to find documents relevant to their specific roles and departments. Using Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, the IT team replaced existing system. The employees can ...

Orbicon A/S: Consultancy Firm Strengthens Competitive Advantage by Improving Communication With Clients [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- This paper from Microsoft contains information that shows how to help lower security settings or how to turn off security features on a computer. One can make these changes to work around a specific problem. Before changes are made, it is recommended that risks is evaluated that are associated with implementing this workaround in a particular environment. If one implements this workaround, take any appropriate additional steps to help protect the computer.

Office Business Applications Yield Rapid Returns for Print and Promotional Solution Provider [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- WorkflowOne is a full-service provider of print and promotional solutions. The company has approximately 3,000 employees and is based in Dayton, Ohio. WorkflowOne wanted to streamline workflow and better serve its customers by providing improved access to data in existing line-of-business systems. The company chose the Windows platform as the cornerstone of its portal strategy and is delivering new Office Business Applications that improve access to data in line-of-business systems at a rapid pace.

Building an Environment for Open Communication: Enterprise Search Unlocks Data to Support Collaboration [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- Sipex is a semiconductor company. It designs, manufactures, and markets analog circuits for original equipment manufacturers in the networking, computing, and optical storage markets. It is based in Milpitas, California, and has more than 300 employees in the United States, Canada, and China. One of Schmitt’s goals was to improve information distribution, content management, and enterprise search capabilities within the company. They chose Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 based on its compatibility with our infrastructure and ...

Print and Promotional Provider Adopts Search Capabilities to Ease Information Access [ Source: Microsoft ]

January 2008- WorkflowOne is a full-service provider of print and promotional solutions. The company has approximately 3,000 employees and is based in Dayton, Ohio. Given its increased reliance on portals as gateways to enterprise information, WorkflowOne needed a way for people to easily find the information and expertise that they need. The company chose Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with Enterprise Search capability, which provides comprehensive search functionality across both structured and unstructured data sources as a preintegrated component ...

Transitioning From Exchange 2000/2003 to Exchange Server 2007 (Part 2) [ Source: MSExchange ]

January 2008- This paper published by TechGenix presents series covering how one transition from Exchange 2000/2003 to Exchange 2007 Server deployed in the same Active Directory Forest. For the purpose of this paper TechGenix will only install one Exchange 2007 Server, and they will do so by selecting a typical installation of Exchange 2007. Since a typical installation of Exchange Server 2007 installs the Mailbox, Hub Transport and Client Access Server roles on the respective server, one must make sure the following ...

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