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Enabling Smart Government Health and Human Services Through Technology [ Source: IBM ]

May 2014- This Buyer's Guide is presented by IDC Government Insights and sponsored by IBM. The objective is to provide insights to line-of-business managers and CIOs for health and human services organizations.

Increase Agility and Reduce Costs with a Logical Data Warehouse [ Source: MarkLogic Corporation ]

March 2014- A Logical Data Warehouse solves the problem of consolidating critical data scattered across silos, providing a comprehensive, actionable view of data assets. Coined by Gartner, the 'Logical Data Warehouse' is also referred to as 'data virtualization,' 'data layer,' 'data cloud,' and many other terms depending on the industry and environment.

No matter what term is used, a Logical Data Warehouse solution powered by MarkLogic is an active, searchable enterprise data ...

The State of fraud in Government: Agencies Armed Against Fraud [ Source: SAS ]

October 2013- The velocity, variety and volume of data in government is growing at an unprecedented rate, making it difficult to detect and prevent fraudulent activities. A recent UBM Tech survey sponsored by SAS shows that federal, state and local agencies and departments recognize the importance of using technology to combat fraud, abuse and improper payments. Yet a lack of understanding and knowledge, along with the perception of the high cost of solutions, may be holding some ...

A CIO Guide: Building Business Trust with Application Performance Monitoring [ Source: Dell ]

June 2013- This EMA white paper highlights key steps that CIOs can take to ensure business relevance in this age of disruptive technologies and evolving "best practices." Taking into account the high stakes and complexities surrounding the delivery of modern applications, EMA sees leading-edge management solutions as being a key to harnessing disruption to deliver business value.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions provide a fundamental foundation for delivering high quality modern applications. They enable IT ...

Managing Data through Replication [ Source: Dell ]

March 2013- Data is growing - and quickly. So how do you effectively manage and protect it? CIOs and other IT entities are looking for ways to secure their rapidly expanding data and ensure its availability during times of emergency and importance. Data replication may be the way. This issue brief explores the ins and outs of data replication?how it works, what it offers and its appeal to IT professionals.

Improving Shared Services and SLA Accountability through APM [ Source: Dell ]

March 2013- The escalation of shared services implementations in the public sector has emphasized the need for IT to deliver comprehensive performance and user experience metrics. Without them, organizations can't accurately measure common benchmarks that make shared services financially sound. To achieve this level of insight, organizations are increasingly turning to application performance monitoring (APM).

Accelerating economic growth and vitality through smarter public safety management [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- Many public safety agencies need to do more with less and link spending to outcomes. The global trends highlighted in this report show the increasing challenges and issues confronting public safety agencies.

This white paper describes how developing competencies in five key area can help public safety agencies more effectively do their jobs in the face of extremely important and difficult sets of issues.

Crime Prediction and Prevention: A safer public through advanced analytics [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- Crime prediction and prevention analytics from IBM helps agencies make the best use of the people and information at hand to monitor, measure and predict crime and crime trends. Analysis of police data provides insight that lets officers track criminal activities, predict the likelihood of incidents,effectively deploy resources and solve cases faster.

Recognize the Many Faces of Fraud [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- IBM SPSS predictive analytics solutions have proved to be very effective at helping tax collection agencies to maximize revenues by detecting non-compliance more efficiently and by focusing investigations on cases that are likely to yield the biggest tax adjustments.

Enabling video communication in state, local and provincial governments [ Source: HP ]

November 2012- HP's FlexNetwork architecture is designed to allow IT to manage different network segments through a single pane-of-glass management application--HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC). Because the architecture is based on open standards, government agencies have the freedom to choose the proven solution for their businesses.

FlexNetwork helps government IT departments to securely deploy and centrally orchestrate video-optimized solutions that scale from the data center to the network edge. Find out more by downloading this ...

State and Local Government Mobility Whitepaper [ Source: HP ]

August 2012- Video, voice, the Internet, rich media, and GPS are all being used in new applications to move government forward. With that also come challenges posed by legacy systems.

State, local, and provincial governments will need to migrate low-performance, ad hoc, easily compromised wireless installations to enhanced WLAN architecture. Delve into this whitepaper and find out why HP is the foundation for government services with affordable, sophisticated, easy-to-manage and connected solutions.


Secure, easy-to-own networks for state, local, and provincial governments [ Source: HP ]

August 2012- There has been a lot of press about government modernization lately. The systems and processes that keep governments running are outdated and inefficient. Meanwhile, citizens and government employees are demanding new services-from public school employees who want to take advantage of the advancements in digital technology to citizens who want online access to government records to public safety employees who are asking that emergency notification systems be equipped with mobile access to text, data, images, ...

Strategy Guide to Security Information Management in Government [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

May 2013- In today's world, with its mobile devices and ubiquitous Internet access, citizens expect increasingly fast, convenient and accessible government services. Security is needed at every level of IT: applications, servers, storage, end-devices and networks. In most organizations, however, different types of security are managed in different silos - and for state and local governments, the situation can be even more complicated.

This whitepaper is a rich media document, and includes industry viewpoints, multimedia ...

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities [ Source: IBM ]

May 2012- What if cities could improve services for their citizens without increasing costs? Cities are complex organizations, with numerous departments in charge of a wide range of essential functions, from water management to public safety. Collaboration across those groups is critical for addressing crises, successfully completing projects and enhancing the efficiency of daily operations.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities offers a centralized, real-time collaborative environment for planning, organizing, monitoring and sharing information ...

Government by design - Using strategic planning to design the business of government [ Source: IBM ]

May 2012- Government by design is the concept of applying strategic planning for government in a form that gives a comprehensive view of your entire organization and the services your organization provides. With repeatable and analytical strategic planning capabilities, your government organization can analyze capabilities and resources to achieve goals consistent with your strategy and priorities.

This white paper introduces the IBM Rational? solution for government by design and describes how it can address growing ...

Smarter Cities: The Challenges in Overcoming Aging Infrastructures [ Source: IBM ]

May 2012- The modern city is a system of systems. To become smarter, a city must be transformed to optimize the use of largely finite resources. IBM Rational solutions help plan and deliver Smarter Cities by aligning city, business and citizen interests and by prioritizing investments with the ability to execute and govern for a smart future. This ebook describes the roadblocks which stand in the way of cities attempting to streamline operations, gain greater efficiencies and ...

Opening up government [ Source: IBM ]

March 2012- The pressure on governments to make better choices, deliver results and demonstrate accountability is intensifying. Recent headlines reflect tensions on multiple fronts due to economic and fiscal uncertainty amid social and political change.

They also highlight new dynamics in the relationships among citizens, organizations and their governments long in the making. "Open" principles such as accessibility, transparency, collaboration and participation lie at the heart of these expectations.

Analytics for Achievement Understand success and boost performance in primary and secondary education [ Source: IBM ]

March 2012- Few would dispute that education paves the way to personal and societal prosperity. Education has the power to lift people out of poverty, it also helps us live fuller lives, make wiser choices and contribute to our communities in more meaningful ways. Education creates equality by opening up opportunities to everyone, not just those with privileged backgrounds.

Most countries recognize the importance of investing in high-quality education. The United States has increased investment ...

ROI Case Study IBM DC Water [ Source: IBM ]

March 2012- The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water) provides water, sewer, and wastewater treatment services to nearly 600,000 residents, 1.6 million annual visitors, and 700,000 workers in the District of Columbia and parts of Virginia and Maryland.

Nucleus Research examined DC Water's adoption of IBM Business Analytics and found that the deployment enabled employees to utilize more information when making decisions, resulting in lower contract labor costs, the recapture of lost revenues, and reduced ...

Improve your buildings IQ with IBMsolutions forSmarter Buildings: Better buildings for a better bottom line [ Source: IBM ]

March 2012- In today's building management environment, organizations are stretching out capital improvement projects and delaying upgrades. At the same time, they still must maintain their existing assets and ensure tenant satisfaction. They are looking for ways to consolidate space and improve space planning.

Concurrently, energy costs are rising. Commercial buildings consume more electricity than any other type of physical asset or structure -- and they generate approximately 10 percent of all green-house gas emissions. Excluding ...

Private Sector Cyber Security as a National Security Issue [ Source: Bloomberg Government ]

January 2012- In this revealing study, Bloomberg Government discusses the need for the U.S. government and corporations to plug cyber-security gaps that threaten the economy, sensitive data and military communications. Bloomberg Government defense analyst Rob Levinson examines the ongoing efforts to expand the government's role in securing non-government systems, and discusses concerns over costs and privacy issues.

Colorado Community College System supports successful student enrollment with improved availability [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

December 2011- Colorado Community College System resolves performance issues for mission-critical applications.

Columbus State University serves extended community with flexible, scalable HP Networking solutions [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

December 2011- Use a Converged Infrastructure of HP ProCurve networking solutions and a consolidated, virtualized HP server and storage environment to deliver high quality services to three remote campuses, power virtual classrooms, and support a projected enrollment increase of 25 percent.

Making the grade with HP StorageWorks [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

December 2011- Colby-Sawyer College saves $30,000 annually with HP StorageWorks and VMware by avoiding unneeded hardware purchases.

Funding IT in Higher Education: The Power of Partnership [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

December 2011- According to the EDUCAUSE Current Issues Committee, funding IT was the number-one concern for IT leaders last year. Though current tough economic times have added an additional challenge to the task, clever and committed higher education leaders and their colleagues are discovering new ways to facilitate the effective utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to increase student learning and advance the mission of their institutions.

IT leaders continue to leverage creative problem ...

Top 10 Considerations for Moving to the Cloud [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

June 2012- There is a recent and exciting movement to cloud-based infrastructures in K-12 education - and for good reason. Cloud computing enables access to applications, data, information, content and curriculum from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

It helps improve secure data management and meets the needs of rapidly changing content and software applications. Perhaps best of all, cloud computing helps districts maximize every dollar by creating IT efficiencies, scalability, and compatibility with multiple ...

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