Managing Voice and Data Convergence: How MSPs Can Increase Profits and Drive New Business

Apr 03, 2009

Download Managed service providers (MSPs) are at a critical juncture, facing an increasingly competitive marketplace. Service offerings built to remotely manage clients' converging voice and data systems present an enormous business opportunity�but significant challenges emerge.

Convergence technologies bring with them complex configurations and hyper-critical performance demands that can seriously strain a Service Provider�s ability to deliver cost effective, quality managed services. Worse, Service Providers that cannot meet their clients� needs for converged service offerings will likely suffer from reduced customer retention and limited business growth.

How can a Managed Service Provider profitably deliver on converged IP telephony promises? Is there an easy way to cost effectively deliver managed services for clients� entire converged telecommunications network?

Get the straight facts on how MSPs can increase profits and drive new business with convergence management technology. This step by step road map guides you through effectively delivering competitive converged voice management services that will lower your overhead costs, increase your profits, and grow your business.

Use this White Paper to learn:

� What are the primary pitfalls that make convergence both friend and foe?

� How can you lower overhead costs without undermining service levels?

� What is the key to winning more clients that provide higher profit margins?

This invaluable White Paper delivers key technology and business strategies every Service Provider needs to know to drive their business success.


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