What Every Database Administrator Should Know About Security

May 23, 2013


What Every Database Administrator Should Know About Security

Database security is not just about setting up a firewall on the edge of your network and praying attackers won’t find your stuff. With state-sponsored espionage and organized crime reaping monetary benefits, we’re well beyond that stage (if we were ever there in the first place). Security concerns around data are increasing all the time, and the burden on database administrators’ shoulders is growing heavier.

There’s just one problem: While database administrators in most organizations are the caretakers of the applications and the managers of data, they are very seldom security experts. In fact, in many enterprises, the DBA and the security team sometimes find themselves at odds because the DBA is ­focused on the functionality of the application and ease of use/access, while the security team is focused on keeping the data safe. In this Dark Reading report, we break down what every DBA should know about security, as well as recommend how DBAs and ­security personnel can work together to create database environments that are not only functional but highly secure. (S6960513)

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