DevOps Impact on Application Security

May 21, 2014


Today’s operations teams and developers tend to operate on wildly different timetables. Applications are produced fast and continually, using an Agile methodology. Developers, and the business, want speedy adoption of new features. But operations may still take weeks to roll out code changes, often pointing at security reviews as an excuse. The No. 1 priority is stability. 

DevOps is all about synchronizing operations and development. InformationWeek’s 2014 DevOps Survey of 318 business technology and application development professionals, all familiar with DevOps, shows 66% of respondents say a top reason to deploy is to gain ­continuous delivery of code, faster application deployment, and less downtime. 

But while DevOps may streamline development and deployment, where does that leave the security team? 

The fact is, DevOps can decrease the likelihood of new application vulnerabilities being ­introduced and improve security programs overall. To reap those benefits, however, security must be dialed into the process. In this report, we explain how to leverage DevOps to ­integrate security into your Agile development and application security program. (S7970614)


Research Report