Strategy: Security Outsourcing For the Small Business

Apr 11, 2013


Strategy: Security Outsourcing For the Small Business 

While security is seen as one specialized domain, there are several subspecializations. Few small and midsize businesses have enough people on staff, or staffers who are qualified enough, to juggle all the roles — interacting with customers about their security requirements, running and validating specialized security tests, configuring and managing the infrastructure, and writing security policies. Knowing what to keep in-house and what to outsource is half the battle, but that determination can be made only after SMBs develop a keen understanding of their business, its security requirements, and the security tools and expertise that may already exist within the organization. 

In this Dark Reading report, we recommend what SMBs need to evaluate in order to make smart decisions about security outsourcing, including what to outsource, what to keep in-house and which ­organizations to partner with. (S6770313)



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