Age of the API

Nov 29, 2013


APIs aren't used by just mobile application developers, though mobility is one reason we're suddenly waking up to the possibilities of the once-lowly application programming interface. They're also critical for connecting your business with partners, suppliers, and cloud providers, particularly if you use a lot of software-as-a-service. Is software-defined networking in your future? Arista, Cisco, Enterasys, Juniper, and other networking vendors expose rich APIs to automate network operations. built its business on exposing data and functionality through interfaces that it could, on a dime, extend outside the company.

There must be a business case for developing APIs, and we'll discuss what they can do for you. But IT organizations also need a back-end plan: How will you expose your data? Which protocols and middleware should you support? How can you share APIs with outside parties securely, and how will you guarantee performance?

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