Chromebooks in the Enterprise

Apr 19, 2013


Chromebooks in the Enterprise

Saying “the network is the computer” oversimplifies matters, but Google has tightly ­coupled cloud services; a lightweight, auto-configuring and -updating OS; and lean ­hardware to create a hybrid hardware/software environment that delivers PC-like ­functionality with the convenience and security of an appliance. 

In this report, we examine Chromebooks and the Chrome OS via a review of available hardware choices, the system architecture and environment, the Chrome app ecosystem, and the business benefits of a cloud-centric Chromebook deployment over the traditional PC alternative. We also offer tips on how to incorporate and manage Chromebooks and highlight the available applications most enterprise users will need. Competitive FUD notwithstanding, enough commercial-grade Chrome software exists that most users won’t have a problem getting through their daily tasks without PCs. (S6710412)

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