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March 23, 2004

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Advantage CA-Datacom 11.0
Computer Associates

Computer Associates has updated this mature mainframe database management system. The Winter Corp.'s annual report named Datacom winner in the category of highest OLTP throughput in the world. Performance enhancements include z/OS resource recovery services, parallel backup, table partitioning, 64-bit storage exploitation, two-phase commit, enhanced performance in multiuser facility environments, and data sharing. QUIESCE, and NEWCOPY features address corporate requirements for 2437 operations to eliminate downtime for core application systems. Datacom is also now easier to use, increasing DBA productivity.

Artix Mainframe

This is the first in a series of expected announcements from IONA to make SOA and Web services integration accessible to a much broader developer audience. Artix Mainframe was built by the team that built Orbix Mainframe, a service-oriented mainframe solution that processes millions of transactions every day for some of the biggest banks, trading firms, airplane manufacturers, and telecom service providers around the world. Built on Web services, Artix Mainframe makes projects of this scale available to a much broader audience of organizations. It runs on the host to give systems programmers control over access to mainframe resources. For security, it authenticates and authorizes access using mainframe security facilities. Available for z/OS 1.2 or 1.4; OS/390 2.10; IMS 7 or 8; and CICS TS 1.3 or 2.2.

Bowstreet Syndication Factory
Bowstreet Portlet Factory V5.8
Bowstreet Framework Factory

Focused on the online travel industry, Bowstreet Syndication Factory enables online travel providers to embed customized applications into partners' Web sites to increase transactions and establish greater distribution. The idea is that online travel providers offering services on their sites from direct suppliers, such as hotels and airlines, can now distribute and customize these offerings through a host of additional partner Web sites, such as special interest sites or local travel agents, without any programming or IT involvement.

Bowstreet Portlet Factory V5.8 enables the rapid creation of standards-compliant portlets that run in all portal platforms adhering to the JSR 168 standard. Companies standardizing on a portal will have expanded options because they won't be locked in to a select list of portlet development tool providers.

Bowstreet Framework Factory is an extensible software automation tool and framework that enables developers to maximize productivity while minimizing the monotonous aspects of software development.

Chordiant 5 Call Center Advisor
Chordiant Software

The latest release provides 21 significant improvements in three areas:

  • Usability innovations that reduce the amount of time spent on contact center interactions

  • Patent-pending technology innovations that make Chordiant 5 Call Center Advisor the first end-user transactional application driven by business processes defined by organizations and real-time data

  • Performance innovations for subsecond response times in a configuration of a zero-footprint browser for deployment environments that reflect large (thousands of agents), complex business operations and multiple data sources.

ETL Manager 5.5
iWay Software

Auditing capabilities now include the real-time collection of information about ETL tasks on different platforms and their display on Web consoles. In terms of performance, ETL Manager now makes it easier to create source transformations that eliminate the custom code needed to extract data from legacy systems while also keeping bandwidth and centralized processing low. The redesign is aimed at keeping development simple for the majority of times when requirements aren't highly complex. A new process-flow designer aids more-complex processes. Groove V3
Groove Networks

The new version of Groove includes significant enhancements that enable virtual teams of people to work together as if they were in the same location. New features in include:

  • A revamped Forms tool to enable users and IT departments to more quickly and easily create distributed applications to capture, search, track, measure, and report on information

  • Improved enterprise management and control of Groove deployments including centralized data auditing, support for an organization's existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and improved directory integration

  • A new file-sharing technology that enables users to convert ordinary Windows file folders into dynamic file-sharing workspaces that can be synchronized across any number of PCs &$151; securely and efficiently.

Maximizer Enterprise 8
Maximizer Software

CRM software specifically designed for small- to medium-sized enterprises and corporate divisions of large enterprises. Highlights of Maximizer Enterprise 8 include:

  • New Workflow Automation: More than 80 searches and 40 preconfigured events and triggers

  • New Accounting Integration: Direct link with QuickBooks

  • New Reporting and Analytics: Crystal Reports is included with every license. It now also supports Crystal Analysis.

  • Improved list and campaign management: Ability to manage opt-in and opt-out lists.

  • Advanced integration with Microsoft Outlook.

  • New employee, partner, and customer Web portals built on the Microsoft .Net Platform: Provides one common online and offline interface between the Web and desktop applications.

  • New "My Work Day" home page: Displays a summary of company announcements, daily appointments, and tasks.

  • New calendar: Enables access to multiple users' calendars in one view and adds the ability to book meeting locations and meeting resources.

qSearch Local
comScore Networks

A fully integrated addition to qSearch, comScore's Web-search tracking system. A new research service designed to track consumer behavior and competitive performance related to localized Web search. By categorizing and analyzing search activity that includes local modifiers, such as city names and ZIP codes, qSearch Local is able to quantify the number, type, and search engine of origin of local searches conducted by Internet users in the United States.

The Looking Glass 2.0
Milford Manufacturing Services

The Looking Glass now lets OEMs determine how to best use contract manufacturing resources when forecasting demand or responding to an identified need for additional product within the market. OEMs, in a self-service module through The Looking Glass, can:

  • Determine delivery on a new production order based on standard requirements such as the date, quantity, or both.

  • Immediately place new orders, if all materials and capacity requirements are met.

  • Work jointly with Milford Manufacturing Services if system constraints, such as material lead times or manufacturing capacity, are identified.

  • Respond to market changes in real time.

Web mining solutions
QL2 Software

Four new Web mining solutions are available from QL2: cyberPrice, ctWatch, siteWatch, and newsWatch. They are all distributed online from the QL2 Client Center.

  • cyberPrice shops for competitive prices from online catalogs and e-commerce sites and delivers reports.

  • ctWatch reports on user-specified treatments and drugs from Web sites containing clinical trial information.

  • siteWatch monitors changes in designated Web sites with page archiving and automatic change alerting.

  • newsWatch provides a "tightly focused, high-performance" method of monitoring Internet news sources.

All four are built with QL2's Web mining software tool, WebQL.

Compliance and Control

Cognos Enterprise Planning Series Version 7.2

Cognos has increased the interoperability of Enterprise Planning with the Cognos Enterprise Business Intelligence Series, including Cognos ReportNet and Cognos Metrics Manager. Designed to solve spreadsheet budgeting pains more effectively through high-productivity data entry, process integrity, and data security, Enterprise Planning enables organizations, in Cognos' words, "to evolve from static, finance-centric budgeting to dynamic, business manager-engaged, enterprise planning."

Communications Manager
Symphony Services

A hosted call accounting solution from the Cost Management Group (CMG) at Symphony Services. Communications Manager represents a significant upgrade to existing CMG applications for hosted call accounting solutions, updating the technology platform to Oracle9i Application Server. A new, more intuitive user interface can be personalized to meet the BI and information access needs of all users. Reports can be viewed in a variety of formats, such as HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Excel and can be scheduled for secure distribution to any destination.

MEGA Suite 6.1

Helps teams of business analysts and IT architects improve operational efficiency by connecting fast-changing business processes with organizational management and IT development efforts. This latest version offers customers new simulation and project management tools and supports two methodologies: Six Sigma and Balanced Scorecard. In addition, MEGA 6.1 provides support to enterprise architectures with by integrating the Zachman Framework.

SecurDataStor Version 6.0

Maintains data security while information is shared in a collaborative business environment. Uses a server-less architecture that allows businesses to begin protecting vulnerable information immediately without costly investments in IT infrastructure. SecureDataStor is a response to increasing worker mobility and outsourcing, shielding data as it moves within and outside the network during the course of sharing and collaboration. SecureDataStor locks sensitive information to a particular computer and manages permissions to access documents through a streamlined group administration tool. File and folder locking prevents users from copying sensitive business information from office PCs and then using that information in uncontrolled environments such as home PCs.

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