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Automation and integration can take your ITSM to the next level. Does your current ITSM platform have what you need? Or is it time for an upgrade?

November 15, 2022

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To stay competitive and find new, inventive ways to keep their IT teams happy and productive, many organizations are upgrading their IT Service Management (ITSM) tools and moving to codeless ITSM platforms that offer more flexibility and easy-to-configure integration and automation at a lower total cost of ownership.

In Arizona, at Pima County, Information Technology Leader Mark Hayes said performance issues with their old ITSM platform drove them to market for a newer system. Their old tool was becoming difficult to use and no longer had the functionality they needed to support the needs of the growing population and the newer demands for a more digital experience. In addition, employees were struggling with a lack of automation and integration -- which was causing a drain on IT resources and resulting in employee burnout.

To resolve this, Pima County selected TeamDynamix ITSM with iPaaS. iPaaS is a codeless enterprise integration and automation tool you can leverage with ITSM, or on its own. With iPaaS you can integrate systems across an organization using a library of connectors to your ITSM, Salesforce, Workday, Office365, DocuSign, Active Directory, Azure and more into a single hub.

iPaaS also allows you to set up workflows using a drag-and-drop codeless builder to automate common and repeatable processes utilizing these integrations between systems.

At Pima County they are using iPaaS to automate the onboarding and offboarding process for HR.

When it comes to onboarding new hires, the county’s goal is to have new employees arrive on day one with everything they need to get to work, “You don’t need to waste so much time when it comes to onboarding,” Hayes said. “It really is such a sour experience for a new hire to come in, in this day and age, and sit around for three days waiting on their computer to show up. We need to get out of that mode and iPaaS is going to help us do that.”

In addition, using iPaaS to automate offboarding will save countless hours for a process that is normally very manual and heavily audited as Pima County is a government entity.

“As a government organization we get audited by the state every year and they want to know what these stale accounts are doing sitting here,” Hayes said. “Offboarding is currently a very manual process -- having to review the list from HR of people who are no longer employed with us and manually revoking their privileges from all the different systems and software and disabling their accounts. There’s absolutely no reason for that to not be automated. iPaaS is going to help us a lot with this and save us time.”

All that time adds up, and it’s that saved time that’s making all the difference for Hayes.

“Prior to TeamDynamix, we didn’t have the ability to automate things and build workflows to do things that eliminate toil and redundancy for our employees,” Hayes said.

With organizations struggling to maintain or hire new talent, especially in IT, this was critical for the county, “People feel so much more empowered and have so much more worth when they are doing things that are intellectually rigorous and challenging versus when they are just repeating the same mechanical actions over and over and over with very little thought,” Hayes said.

And Pima County isn’t the only organization trying to improve its employee experience through IT automation.

Nutrabolt Supercharges ITSM with Ticket Automation, Account Creation and More

At Nutrabolt, a rapidly growing active health and wellness company based in Austin, Texas, their old help desk tool wasn’t cutting it. “We had a help desk tool in place, but it was not purposefully built,” explained Mark Dittenber, Director of IT. “It was very generic, and there was no discipline in the use of it.”

Dittenber and his staff needed a flexible, customizable ITSM platform that could scale with the rapidly growing company and support new IT processes with automated workflows now, and into the future, as the company’s IT operations continued to mature.

“I liked the lightweight nature of TeamDynamix, as well as its ability to scale with our needs,” Dittenber said.

Using TeamDynamix, Dittenber and his team have created customized forms and automated workflows to create network accounts, assign rights and privileges to new teammates, submit and track service requests, request and approve IT changes, provision new devices, and more.

As they create new IT processes from the ground up, they’re also building out a knowledge base and a self-service portal. Having thoughtfully crafted processes in place -- and the right enterprise service platform to support them -- has already made a big impact in just a few months.

“We really notice this when we onboard new teammates, they are ramping much faster,” Mark said.

Learn more about supercharged ITSM: Automate IT – A Playbook for Supercharged ITSM.


Andrew Graf is the Chief Product Strategist for TeamDynamix. His passion lies in helping organizations thrive in an ever-changing environment. As a co-founder of TeamDynamix, Andrew is well versed in the common issues facing IT leaders– as the need for increased IT Maturity rises, he is able to help map out a way forward.

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