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ON24 Brings Social Media Capabilities To Webcasting Platform

The development environment uses widgets to add collaboration, training, and social network feed tools to online meetings.
Platform 10 supports multilingual Webcasts through compliance with Universal Transformation Format (UTF) 8, which is a multi-byte character encoding that can represent every character in the Unicode character set and is backward-compatible with ASCII. The platform's page-building and customization tools support completely localized user interfaces, system checks, and email communications, according to ON24.

"With the [Platform] 10 offering, when you come into Webinar, you can make every element its own floating window. You can tweet about what you listen to. You can chat, not only with the speaker, but also with other attendees. That's just awesome. That's just going to make people stay even longer," said Stark. "Now it's like Burger King: They're getting it their way."

Multiple presenters now may share their screens with attendees, further bringing the Webinar to life, Szelenyi said.

"The screen-sharing capability was something we definitely get a lot of customer demand for," he said. "I can be talking to the audience, and sharing parts of my desktop. That's also multi-presenter."

Since users do not only view Webcasts at their desks, ON24 also made its platform accessible via mobile devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 7 devices.

Advertisers and marketing departments invest in Webinars, in part, because of the volume of information they collect about participants who typically register for these events. With Platform 10, ON24 now delivers graphical-reporting dashboards and real-time analytics to help sponsors measure events' success and qualify leads. These tools help companies measure their return on investment, the effectiveness of the content, and audience members' level of engagement, Szelenyi said.

Businesses also use Webcasts to educate and inform their staff -- training departments, delivering news, or holding multi-departmental meetings without the need for costly spending on time-consuming travel. With ON24, department managers can monitor which employees participated in meetings, asking questions and joining the conversation, and which individuals may not have been fully engaged in the discussion, he said.