10 Essential Android Apps For SMBs

No glitz, no glamour, just results: These 10 budget-friendly Android apps help SMB users simplify everyday tasks and power through to-do lists.

Kevin Casey, Contributor

March 29, 2012

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You don't need to look much past an app market's bestseller list for a reminder that consumers with nothing more than fun in mind can create a jackpot for app developers. Witness a recent check of the top paid apps on Android Marketplace--pardon, Google Play. The top three bestsellers are, not shockingly, games. Unless you use a rooted Android device or would call Beautiful Widgets a business app, the only legitimate business software to crack the top 10 this week is the full-license version of DocumentsToGo.

But if you run an SMB, you want the software that turns a phone or tablet into a business tool rather than a simple entertainment device. Android users no doubt already know the big names in work-related apps. If you use Dropbox, for example, you probably know there's a Dropbox app. Ditto other popular platforms such as Skype, TweetDeck, or Evernote. And that's not to mention all of the Google products like Gmail, Talk, and Maps that, of course, come preinstalled on Android devices.

But what about those unsung heroes, the less glamorous apps that simply help small and midsize businesses (SMBs) get things done on a daily basis?

These are the worker bees--straightforward apps for necessary, if not always enjoyable, business tasks. We collected 10 of them here, covering everything from expense reporting--hey, we warned you it wasn't going to be glamorous--to ensuring that your battery doesn't conk out on you at the worst possible moment. These apps help keep you connected and productive without much muss or fuss required.

Better yet, none of these work apps will cost you much, if anything: The total tab for all 10 would run you $14.95 on Google Play. That's not a particularly burdensome case to make from the total cost of ownership perspective.

With one possible exception, the general focus here is on smartphone apps. That said, many of these have their Android tablet counterparts, too. For example, FlightTrack Pro--friend of the SMB road warrior--is also optimized for Honeycomb tablets. No matter the form factor or device, each app shares a common purpose. To quote Cosmo Kramer: "TCB. You know: Taking care of business." Ultimately, if you're going to invest in mobility, that's what it's all about.

No doubt, you've got your own indispensible work apps. Share them in the comments here, and tell us how they help your SMB get things done.

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