From flashing LED alerts to scrolling shortcuts, your iPhone has capabilities you may not have found. We shine the light on some great tips.

Kelly Sheridan, Staff Editor, Dark Reading

July 23, 2013

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Not too many years ago, it was nearly impossible to imagine a phone, computer, camera, video camera, arcade, calendar and MP3 player combined into a single handheld device. Now that we have these devices, it seems just as difficult to imagine living without them.

Apple's iPhone isn't so much a cellphone as it is a life companion. With iPhones we play games while waiting for appointments, capture moments on video, listen to music or novels while commuting, and engage with friends via phone, text messaging and social media. We plan our schedules, make dinner reservations and figure out how to get from place to place.

Since many of the iPhone's capabilities can be discovered through everyday use, lots of users believe that they have their phones all figured out. However, the device is tricky -- it boasts some features that are still unknown to even the most ardent Apple fans.

A few once-hidden iPhone functions have made their way into the spotlight. For example, screen shots: You probably know by now that you can capture an image of your iPhone's screen by pressing the home and power buttons simultaneously.

If you do a lot of texting, you may also know that you can turn off the message preview on your SMS alerts by going to Settings > Notifications > Messages and switching off the toggle next to "Show Preview." This is a popular option for those who don't want wandering eyes to read their text messages on their unattended phone.

Still, when I took a poll of my iPhone-user friends, I was surprised to discover that many were unaware of one of my favorite features: the quick scroll-up. When you find yourself at the bottom of a lengthy article or your iTunes library, you don't have to manually scroll back to the top of the page. Simply tap the time at the top of the screen (as shown in the image here) to instantly get back to the beginning. This trick saves a lot of time -- and thumb power.

Whether you have the iPhone 3, the iPhone 5, or something in between, there are simple ways to get more out of your smartphone investment. Take a look at these subtle but handy iPhone tricks and see if there's a way to use your phone that's new to you.

Already knew all these tricks? Share your favorite iPhone tips in the comments.

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