How to Streamline Support With a Flexible ITSM Platform

With the right IT service management platform in place, you can successfully streamline IT support and automate processes for a better customer experience. (SPONSORED)

May 1, 2023

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Building out IT processes for an organization in the early stages of IT maturity can be challenging but having the right IT service management (ITSM) platform can lead to success.

Nutrabolt, a rapid-growth active health and wellness company based in Austin, Texas, found the right platform to support their journey in TeamDynamix: a versatile and easy-to-use enterprise service and project management platform that grows along with organizations as they scale IT operations.

Aided by TeamDynamix, Nutrabolt has established effective IT processes that follow industry best practices and, as a result, teammates are communicating better -- and IT staff work more efficiently to support the needs of a global workforce.

Hitting the ‘Reset’ Button

When Mark Dittenber joined Nutrabolt as director of information technology, he had many opportunities to improve existing IT processes.

For example, formal procedures for onboarding new teammates and resolving service requests hadn’t been historically utilized. This and other challenges put the IT team at risk of inconsistent service to the organization. For a company whose workforce grew by 30% in the last year alone, setting up email accounts and network privileges for new teammates quickly and efficiently was critical.

The lack of a formal, standardized process for this task was keeping new hires from hitting the ground running and making an immediate impact. For example, some accounts were set up inconsistently and would require reconfiguration later on. In some cases, new teammates waited days for network privileges or spent several minutes on the phone with a service technician to resolve issues.

Dittenber, who has a background in building entire IT infrastructures from the ground up, knew a change was needed.

“We needed to hit the ‘reset’ button,” he said. Mark and his IT team worked with department heads and other stakeholders to create formal, easy-to-follow IT processes to get everyone on the same page.

“My mantra was to keep things as simple as possible,” Dittenber said. “People should be able to request what they need using the least amount of work.”

To support these new processes, Nutrabolt needed a better IT service management platform.

“We had a help desk tool in place, but it was not purposefully built,” Mark says. “It was very generic, and there was no discipline in the use of it.”

Mark and his staff needed a highly flexible and customizable platform that could support new IT processes with automated workflows now, and into the future, as the company’s IT operations continued to mature.

In his research, Mark learned that TeamDynamix is widely used to streamline workflows and improve IT maturity.

“I liked the platform’s lightweight nature, as well as its ability to scale with our needs,” he observes. Mark and his team were able to implement TeamDynamix in a matter of weeks.

They began with IT service management and have now expanded to include project management.

“Our communication is better, and we’re missing fewer things,” Mark says.

The improvement has been most noticeable in the onboarding of new teammates. “As we’ve formalized this process and improved our workflows, we’ve cut down on the number of follow-up calls required,” he said.

Improving the delivery of IT service by establishing more mature processes has helped Nutrabolt become a highly nimble organization as the company continues to expand. “We’ve got a lot of work left to do, but we’ve made significant progress,” Dittender said. “We’ve already seen good results, people have embraced these changes, and we’ll continue driving improvement and simplicity for the organization.”

Tips for Finding the Right ITSM Platform

To properly identify a flexible, easy-to-use ITSM platform here are some questions you can ask vendors: 

  • Are you able to create custom ticket types and workflows? 

  • Can you set up incidents and problems separately? 

  • Can you tailor the self-service portal to your brand and the specific data you want? 

  • Can users create a custom desktop? 

  • How easy is it to create reports and dashboards? 

  • Can you easily spin up new applications without IT resources?

  • Are you able to import and export data? 

  • Does it offer ITSM with Project Portfolio Management and enterprise integration and automation on one platform? Can it support Enterprise Service Management?

At the end of the day, the best ITSM platform is the one that supports your desired approach and is easy to use, own and operate. To learn more about leveling up ITSM with automation visit the TeamDynamix Resource Hub.

Andrew Graf is the Chief Product Officer for TeamDynamix. His passion lies in helping organizations thrive in an ever-changing environment. As a co-founder of TeamDynamix, Andrew is well versed in the common issues facing leaders in Mid-Large Enterprise, Healthcare, Education, and Government – as tech spend rises and needs for increased IT Maturity rise, he is able to help map out a way forward. Andrew believes that success comes when customers, team members, and the company are all aligned. In his role, he uses his insights to focus on customer lifecycle strategy; building a strategic product vision that will ensure customer success in both the short and long term. Andrew heads up the Advisory Boards, CIO Council, and Focus Group Program. He also works closely with partners for strengthened integration and cooperative vision.

Andrew was previously a technology and business process consultant with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting serving mid-market and Fortune 500 clients. He sits on the Ready Education board and was on the Edusourced boards. Andrew graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Management Information Systems with a specialization in French from Ohio University.

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