HTC's new HTC One X packages a big, beautiful screen in a thin and light phone. Although not perfect, it's a compelling smart phone we'd consider buying ourselves.

Todd Ogasawara, Contributing Editor

July 31, 2012

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"Wow! That's a nice screen." That was the reaction I got from everyone I showed the HTC One X smart phone during my week-long test period. HTC's new Android phone has an impressively big screen that catches the eye. Minimal visible molding and a brightly colored default desktop background makes the 4.7-inch screen look even bigger. Handing the phone over to admirers resulted in a second universal exclamation: "Wow! It's so light," followed by, "and thin!"

The HTC One X is HTC's new flagship Android phone in the One series. Although larger than any phone I have ever used, it was comfortable to hold and use. It's the only model in the One series--the others are One S and One V--with 720p video resolution. It has the most storage--32GB--and is the only model protected by Gorilla Glass. It also comes with near field communications (NFC) capability and can function as a hotspot. The One X runs on the Android 4.0 operating system (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich), but HTC reportedly will provide an upgrade to OS 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

One of the few features the One X lacks is a microSD slot to expand storage. Also, the One X sold by AT&T Wireless has a dual-core processor; the global version has a quad-core. But the real stand-out features, good and bad, are in the photography. The camera offers high resolution and some great convenience features, but the problems it has with auto corrections and taking close-up pictures might turn off some users.

In case you're wondering, the HTC One X can handle voice calls, too. I had no problem pairing it with a variety of Bluetooth devices. The battery didn't seem to last as long as other phones I've used, including other Android models. This might be due to the power requirements of the relatively big screen combined with the LTE radio. Still, if I were in the market for a new phone today, I would strongly consider the HTC One X.

Name: HTC One X from AT&T Wireless
Price: $99.99 with two-year contract; $449.99 without contract.
The HTC One X is HTC's flagship Android phone. It is based on Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), has 32GB of storage, is powered by a dual-core processor, and has a very good camera for most uses. Its bright display and light weight are attention getters. Though not without its flaws, it's a compelling smart phone I would consider buying myself.


  • Large screen for a smart phone.

  • Light.

  • Fast.

  • Excellent photographs in bright daylight conditions.

  • 4G LTE capable, with hotspot tethering.

  • An upgrade from the phone's current Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) OS to Jelly Bean (4.1) reportedly will be made available.


  • Overaggressive photo auto-image adjustment.

  • Has trouble focusing on close objects.

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