Growing companies face constant pressure to do more with less and to improve IT capabilities to keep pace with competitors. With every dollar crucial, IT and business decision makers can't afford any of these missteps.

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August 29, 2010

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Who Should Hewlett-Packard Buy?

Who Should Hewlett-Packard Buy?

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Who Should Hewlett-Packard Buy?

9. "I Can Save Money By Getting Another Year Out Of My Old Computers."

This is likely explained by current economic conditions, which have led companies to tighten and scrutinize their budgets more than ever. As a result, some SMBs are reluctant to invest in new technology by assuming they can save money by "sweating" their current assets. Ironically, the need to save strengthens the need to implement new technology.

Businesses that understand the hidden liabilities of keeping old PCs -- such as less productivity, higher energy costs, increased IT support and employee downtime -- are realizing now is the time to replace. (Of course, anyone who has had a blue screen of death at an inopportune time would tell you that is reason enough to upgrade immediately.)

By planning ahead for the future of their companies, SMBs can trade in their old desktop/monitor or notebook to the manufacturer, for an average savings of $100 per user. In addition, many new desktops are so energy efficient that SMBs can achieve an annual savings of up to $100 per PC on their electricity bill.

10. "I Just Don't Have Time - Everything Is Fine The Way It Is."

By refusing to evolve, SMBs can unwittingly hold back their business. Winston Churchill once said, "There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction." In fact, SMBs have an advantage due to their size, enabling them to respond quickly as business conditions change. By implementing a suitable IT solution, SMBs can build on this advantage by improving productivity while maintaining business focus.

SMBs that honestly assess whether they hold any of the above-mentioned misconceptions will take the first step in acquiring new business tools. Assessment of technology needs, therefore, should be a regular, ongoing process and a cornerstone of SMBs' overall IT strategy.

Brian Burch is the director of SMB marketing for HP in the Americas. Previously, a founding member of HP's home products division, Burch leads HP's efforts to serve the enormous and diverse small and midsize business market.

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