10 Books To Turn IT Pros Into Business Pros

Nobody doubts that as an IT professional you know your field. But how much do you know about business? If the answer is "not enough," it's time to start learning. Here are 10 books to help turn IT pros into business ninjas.
Pax Technica
Good To Great
Permission Marketing
Work Rules!
Collaborative Intelligence
The Opposable Mind
Leadership BS
Friggin' Beancounters
Empire Of Imagination

Chances are, no matter what your role in IT is, you are being pressured to learn more about the business. Whether you are the CIO trying to transform IT, or on the help desk trying to serve it, someone is probably pushing you to learn more about the business side of things. You know your 1s from your 0s, and now here are 10 books to help you know your Ps from your Qs.

Learning to apply your IT skills to the business is no joke. The pressure to do so increases every day. Take Big Data as an example. You can set up all the databases you want, but if the data isn't getting to the business in a useful and timely format, you've wasted your time and the business's money.

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The same can be said for tracking marketing, social media, or even the way you set up your security efforts.

To be at your best, you need a mix of soft skills, for communication and business knowledge, and IT skills to get the job done. We've found 10 books that help the IT pro gain those skills -- whether you want to be a CIO, a middle manager, or just the best engineer you can be.

Check out our list and then join us in the comments section below to share your favorite books that helped you see the business side a little clearer.

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