10 iPhone, Android Apps To Keep You Healthy

Wellness is about more than eating salad and hitting the gym once a month. These 10 iPhone and Android apps will keep your health on track.
Couch To 5K

Remember that time you made a New Year's resolution to be healthier in 2015?

Maybe you don't. Maybe you didn't make a resolution at all (guilty). Or maybe you started this year with a week of kale salad and spinach smoothies before abandoning your regime after a stroll past your local pizza place.

Living a healthy life isn't always easy. So many of our jobs require full days of sitting. Hectic schedules don't leave much time to prepare nutritious meals. As a workforce, we're stressed. We don't sleep well. We spend too much time on our smartphones.

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Mobile devices may be known to worsen eyesight and cause stress to the neck and back, but they might also hold the keys to a healthier future. You just need to stop texting, log out of Facebook, and make your way to the app store.

There are countless smartphone apps on the market that target every facet of a healthy lifestyle. If you can't find the motivation to hit the gym, there's an app that will charge you per workout skipped. If you can't decide which brand of cereal is healthiest, there's an app that will narrow down your choices.

Of course, wellness goes beyond physical exercise and wise food choices. Mental health is just as important, and there are mobile apps that can connect you to a therapist or help you calm down at the end of a long day.

Can you live a healthy life without the help of mobile apps? Sure. But why not leverage tools that are so readily available and often free of charge? We dug through a bunch of health and wellness apps for iPhone and Android users and picked the ones we think mostly likely to influence a healthier lifestyle. If we missed any good ones, feel free to share them.

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