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Tech's lighter side. Nostalgia. Parody. The agony and ecstasy of IT careers. You'll find all this and more in InformationWeek's new IT Life section.

Some technology trends, movements, or happenings deserve a special dose of snark. So do some IT bosses. And sometimes IT pros just want to talk World of Warcraft, not DevOps. That's all fair game in InformationWeek's new section, IT Life, which gives our staff writers and community contributors more freedom to explore tech's lighter, entertaining, and humorous side.

As you know, sometimes real life is funnier than fiction, so we'll bring you plenty of it from the IT trenches -- in commentaries, cartoons, quizzes, slideshows, and more. Tina Fey isn't able to joke about Hadoop or Agile development, but we will.

For instance, let's talk about the real reasons Steve Ballmer bought the Los Angeles Clippers. (I can't wait for a Dribblers! Dribblers! Dribblers! meme to emerge.)

We won't just skewer the movers and shakers. Let's take a close look in the mirror, IT pros. Perhaps you need some fashion coaching now and then? Perhaps your t-shirts are very last year -- or last decade? Check out Dave Wagner's handy guide on what not to wear to an IT job interview.

We're not going to quiz you on what kind of Game of Thrones character you are -- or what kind of bird, goat, or book you are -- but I hope you enjoy this quiz by Susan Nunziata that asks you to separate the real tech headlines from the fake ones.

One last bit of dessert: Our man about town, Shane O'Neill, has crowdsourced some pickup lines that only tech-minded men and women may love. Use them at your own risk.

I hope you enjoy our IT Life coverage and satire and will tell us what you think. Are we doing right by the Dilberts among you? Send me your feedback at [email protected] and join in the discussion on the site. Want to channel your inner Jimmy Fallon? Send me an idea. This is your community. All IT work and no play makes you... what is the name of that kiss-up in the next cube? Don't be that guy.

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