VidSys Releases VidShield 4.0

New physical security system features Google Maps and VirtualTracker

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September 24, 2007

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LAS VEGAS -- ASIS International 2007 (Booth #1096) - VidSys, the leading provider of enterprise Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions, today announced the availability of its VidShield 4.0 platform. New features include enhanced visualization and mapping capabilities through integrated Google Maps functionality and a VirtualTracker™ that further eliminates technical complexity and improves the productivity and effectiveness of security operations centers. Demonstrations of VidShield 4.0 will be available at ASIS International 2007 at VidSys booth #1096.

“Across the enterprise market, we continue to see physical security systems migrating to IT environments and converging with IT security,” said Gavin Long, vice president and head of research, USBX. “VidSys’ VidShield 4.0 is an exciting operations center software product and platform that addresses the urgent enterprise need to translate large volumes of security information into accessible, actionable intelligence. VidSys, along with other emerging companies in the Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) space, is engaged in the important mission of making security information more intelligent, allowing organizations to better enforce corporate policies and exponentially improve the quality and efficacy of their security systems.”

Improving Public Safety Through Intelligent Routing, Better Visualization

The VidShield 4.0 PSIM platform improves event management in operations centers, while relieving users from the burdens typically associated with managing converged physical and IT security environments. VidSys previewed select new VidShield 4.0 features earlier in the year, including a new Web-based interface and new event capture and management capabilities. It has now finalized additional functionality for the market-ready version, including:

  • Advanced Visualization and Mapping – Until now, most video surveillance maps were static, inflexible and couldn’t be manipulated using simple computer controls. As one of the first Google Maps for Enterprise video surveillance partners, VidSys has embedded the interactive, easy-to-navigate features of Google Maps into the VidShield User Interface. With a computer mouse, users can zoom in or out on specific city intersections and launch cameras from the map to view traffic jams or gathering crowds in real time, and coordinate responses accordingly. Users can enter an address, intersection, camera name or general area to quickly locate it on the map. Floor maps or building drawings can also be loaded into VidShield in order to customize maps for enterprises like a casino, bank or school.

  • VirtualTracker – This patent-pending technology enhances an operator’s effectiveness by allowing easy tracking of an object – such as a person, vehicle or asset, like a freight container – as it moves through a network of security cameras. VirtualTracker utilizes a special Geometry Engine to calculate the most likely cameras to view and capture movement based on their location and field of vision. Surveillance video is then combined into a single view that allows the user to follow possible progression paths overlaying an actual map or building drawing.

  • Universal Routing – Another patent-pending technology, the VidShield Universal Routing feature relies on a special algorithm that intelligently routes data from security and surveillance devices, even in incompatible analog and digital formats, into easy-to-access video feeds. Operations center personnel can drag and drop video images into the VidShield User Interface allowing them to quickly freeze images, go back in time or record events without the need for an in-depth understanding of the complex technologies underneath that are working to make it happen.

“Many security operations centers still manage security events through a heavy reliance on manual tasks such as logging events and consulting multiple video feeds from multiple systems that can’t talk to each other,” said VidSys CEO Chuck Teubner. “Our goal is to make the VidShield PSIM platform as easy to use as possible, with controls and functionality built to reflect the way operations centers really work. As the experts in multi-vendor environments, we are helping make video surveillance more intelligent by automating many of the underlying tasks that get in the way of rapid, effective situation management.”

VidSys Inc.

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