10 Apple Slip-Ups That Bruised Its Reputation

Apple is known for its consumer-friendly reputation, but this list proves Cameragate is only the latest in a long line of Apple foul-ups.
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Antennagate Irks Steve Jobs
Batterygate Gets iPhone 4S Owners All Juiced Up
Foxconn Suicides, Labor Conditions Haunt Apple
Scuffgate Brings Scandals To Buffer
Apple Maps Has To Stop And Ask For Directions
Celebrity Hacking Scandal Puts iCloud Security In Focus
Bendgate Gets Apple Fans In A Twist
An Album For You, And You, And U2, Too
Cameragate Fades To Black

Cameragate -- Apple's admission in August that some of its iPhone 6 Plus smartphones were delivered with faulty iSight cameras -- is the latest in a long line of hiccups the company has experienced as the public gobbles up its increasingly complex gadgets.

While the problem appeared to affect a small number of iPhone 6 Plus users, the admission drew renewed attention to similar issues that have in the past bruised, if not tarnished, Apple's reputation as as a leader amongst consumer technology giants.

Cameragate follows similar monikers in recent Apple history, including Bendgate and the infamous Antennagate, as Steve Jobs referred to it, in which holding an iPhone 4 in a certain way would interfere with the phone's antenna and cause calls to drop (and Consumer Reports to not recommend the device).

There were also some marketing miscues involving entertainment icons, most notablly U2, that didn't earn "-gate" status but nonetheless struck some sour notes for the brand.

Along the way, Apple has dealt with other, more minor scandals, such as Batterygate and Scuffgate (yeah, we don't remember those brouhahas so well, either), and weathered a major storm with the disastrous rollout of Apple Maps, the company's supposed answer to Google Maps.

The mapping app was derided as inaccurate, ugly, and far below the standard Apple users had come to expect from the company. It led to a rare public apology from CEO Tim Cook and a corporate reshuffling.

From Bono and U2 to Bendgate and Batterygate -- not to mention all the minor and major scandals in between -- let's take a look at the slip-ups and missteps of one of the world's biggest and most valuable technology companies.

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