Higher Education Tech Forecast Sees MOOC, Tablet Momentum

Next waves will include gamification, learning analytics, 3-D printing and wearable technologies, according to the NMC Horizon report on new media in education.
As interesting as these key technologies, so are the underlying trends and obstacles the NMC Horizon report identified.

The major trends:

-- Openness and transparency as values in their own right.

-- MOOCs as supplements to traditional university courses, attractive to faculty seeking a massive, global audience.

-- Workforce demands for skills more commonly learned in informal settings, rather than the university.

-- Using the large amounts of data generated by online experiences to personalize learning and measure performance.

-- The changing role of educators now that students have access to vast amount of information on the Web.

-- Shifting education paradigms that encompass online learning, hybrid learning and collaboration.

The obstacles:

-- Faculty training does not acknowledge the importance of digital literacy.

-- Scholarly evaluation has yet to encompass new modes of publishing, feedback and recognition.

-- Inertia and comfort with the status quo.

-- The demand for personalized learning is not yet fully supported by available technologies.

-- New models of education are challenging traditional institutions of higher education with competition they have not faced before.

-- Most academics are not using new technologies for learning, teaching or organizing their own research.

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