15 Steps To SEO Success: Strategic and Tactical Keyword Selection

In this excerpt from "The Small Business Owner's Handbook To Search Engine Optimization: Increase Your Google Rankings, Double Your Site Traffic... In Just 15 Steps, Guaranteed." Stephen Woessner shows SMBs how to select the best keywords for any business' Web sites.
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Keyword Selection Checklist

  1. Develop an initial list of keywords for each content page you plan to optimize.
  2. Download your free Small Business Owner Keyword Tracker Worksheet.
  3. Copy and paste your keyword list into the Keyword Tracker
  4. Worksheet.
  5. Complete the data collection process using Google and the Keyword Suggestion Tool.
  6. Copy the first keyword in column A of your Keyword Tracker Worksheet and paste it into the search field.
  7. Surround the keyword with quotes, i.e., “your keyword here.”
  8. Click the Google Search button to display the number of exact-match indexed pages.
  9. Type the total number of Google indexed pages into column F of the Keyword Tracker Worksheet for the keyword you are currently evaluating.
  10. Repeat this process for each keyword on your list.
  11. Load the Keyword Suggestion Tool.
  12. Copy the first keyword from column A of your Keyword Tracker Worksheet and paste it into the open field in the Keyword Suggestion Tool.
  13. Click the Submit button.
  14. Copy and paste the keyword usage data for each of your initial keywords into columns B, C, and D in your Keyword Tracker Worksheet.
  15. Evaluate the Keyword Targeting Ratio displayed in column G and exclude keywords with ratios that exceed 500.
  16. Evaluate similar keywords offered by the Keyword Suggestion Tool and make final keyword selections.

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