25 DevOps Vendors Worth Watching

DevOps depends on automated deployment tools and products that support practices such as continuous development, deployment, and improvement of enterprise software. Here's a look at vendors and their tools to know if you are making a move to DevOps.

Curtis Franklin Jr., Senior Editor at Dark Reading

September 27, 2016

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With benefits that include greater developer productivity, higher operational efficiency, and improved user experience due to continuous feedback, DevOps can be a big win for an organization. So, it's no surprise that the DevOps movement has picked up momentum in recent years. But the journey is not always easy.

When it comes to transitioning your company into a DevOps organization, you'll need a solid plan, complete executive buy-in, and the right tools and products to get all the jobs done. There are a lot of offerings out there claiming to help you with any or all of the DevOps mission, and it can be tough wrapping your head around the options.

We don't claim that this is an exhaustive list of all the DevOps tools and products in the marketplace. To be honest, the market is so dynamic that such a list would be out of date by the end of the week. Instead, these are 25 vendors and their tools and products you should know about if you're making the move to DevOps. The tools and products tackle different aspects of DevOps and do so in different ways.

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Some are highly customizable, while others assume you want to adopt their regimen. Each one has adherents in IT and will provide you with an option to consider as you move forward.

Below is a roundup of 25 commercial vendors who offer DevOps tools and products. This list is intended to assist you in planning your transition to DevOps and is not meant to be a qualitative evaluation of the offerings, which are organized in alphabetical order. Twitter handles are listed as well.

25 Commercial DevOps Vendors Worth Watching


Twitter: @Atlassian

Atlassian's Jira is an agile tool that is widely used and highly customizable for automating software development and release workflow. Also, Atlassian's Sourcetree is a free visual client for Git, and Mercurial helps both early and experienced users visualize repositories and workflows.


Twitter: @chef

Chef gives users a framework for end-to-end software deployment automation, with the automation provided via scripts known as recipes.


Twitter: @cfengine

CFEngine is a platform for automating the configuration and management of IT infrastructure. Its autonomous agents are available for infrastructure components from embedded systems up to mainframes.

Electric Cloud

Twitter: @electriccloud

Electric Cloud's ElectricFlow is a commercial product that automates software builds, tests, and deployments.

Google Cloud Platform

Twitter: @googlecloud

Google Cloud Platform's Deployment Manager allows a manager to specify all the resources needed for an application in a declarative format using python, Jinja2 templates, or yaml.

HashiCorp Atlas

Twitter: @HashiCorp

Hashicorp offers Atlas as the result of an open source project that provides a framework for writing, testing, and deploying enterprise software. Part of the Atlas platform, Terraform provides a common configuration to launch infrastructure components for systems ranging from email to physical and virtual servers, to DNS providers.


Twitter: @Inedo

Inedo's BuildMaster software package for automating software releases and providing pipelines and gates for improving governance and security.


Twitter: @jenkinsci

Jenkins is a multi-platform continuous integration and delivery of software builds. It is frequently used by organizations utilizing multiple test and deployment technologies and methodologies.

Kony Visualizer

Twitter: @Kony

Kony Visualizer is an integrated development environment for prototyping, developing, and distributing native mobile apps across a variety of platforms from a single code base.


Twitter: @loggly

Loggly uses a cloud-based analytics engine to mine log files for critical information, instead of simply presenting an aggregated view of log data.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Twitter: @VisualStudio

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment that supports multiple languages and platforms within agile, continuous delivery, or other development disciplines.


Twitter: @nagiosinc

Nagios is a system for monitoring infrastructure components ranging from applications and network protocols to system metrics and raw log files.

New Relic

Twitter: @newrelic

New Relic provides application performance monitoring across multiple platforms, from on-premises servers to cloud service providers.

Octopus Deploy

Twitter: @OctopusDeploy

If ASP.NET is the heart of your software infrastructure, Octopus Deploy is a tool specifically targeted to your needs. It's free for small teams, with enterprise pricing and support available.

Path Solutions TotalView

Twitter: @goPathSolutions

TotalView from Path Solutions is a system for continuous network monitoring and complete visibility into the infrastructure that delivers applications.


Twitter: @puppetize

Using the Puppet language, this framework provides automation and management of both hardware and software across the enterprise.


Twitter: @RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ is a messaging system that allows various applications and services to communicate with one another for a wide variety of reasons. Developed by Pivotal, RabbitMQ is available to developers at no cost.

Red Hat

Twitter: @RedHatNews

Red Hat developed and supports Ansible, an open source framework for configuration management, provisioning, and application deployment. Ansible is available in both free and commercial versions.


Twitter: @SaltStackInc

A commercial event-driven automation tool that provides data automation, server provisioning, cloud building, and application configuration across multiple platforms.


Twitter: @splunk

Splunk is a data engine that ingests feeds from essentially any operational data source and provides visualization while keeping developers who need to see information away from operational machine control.


Twitter: @TripwireInc

Tripwire is an adaptive threat response used to provide configuration management, threat intelligence, and security intelligence to organizations.

Ubuntu Juju

Twitter: @ubuntucloud

Canonical's Juju is a free application and service modeling tool that allows you to quickly model, configure, deploy and manage applications in the cloud. It can deploy preconfigured or custom code across multiple cloud environments.


Twitter: @UpGuard

UpGuard is a discovery engine that provides configuration monitoring of complex systems across the enterprise. This tool supports regulatory compliance and system governance throughout the DevOps process.


Twitter: @urbancode

IBM's UrbanCode Deploy automates application deployments through multiple environments. It's designed to facilitate rapid feedback and continuous delivery in agile development while providing production audit trails, versioning, and approvals.

Xamarin Platform

Twitter: @xamarinhq

Xamarin Platform provides a mechanism for extending C# programs onto iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

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