Microsoft Insider: 2 Days On Redmond Campus

Ever wonder what life is like in Redmond? Here's what I saw during a two-day experience on Microsoft's massive campus.
Microsoft Research
Demo: NUIGraph
Microsoft Retail Experience Center (REC)
Talking Cloud
Microsoft Garage
Advanced Maker Garage
Tackling Cybersecurity
The Magnitude Of Cybercrime
The Future Of Office
Windows 10 For Business

Fun fact: This photo was taken in the exact building on Microsoft's campus (RedWest A) where its iconic logo was designed.

This was one of many things I learned during a two-day trip to Microsoft headquarters, where I joined a group of fellow technology watchers in visiting different parts of campus and speaking with employees from across the company.

While there wasn't nearly enough time to explore all of Microsoft, we toured the buildings that house its research facilities, cybersecurity labs, and "The Garage," where hackathons take place and employees can work on their own projects.

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We also heard several Microsoft execs in divisions including the cloud, Office, security, and research discuss their ongoing projects. Some demonstrated new tools and upgrades we can expect to see over the coming months.

The interior HQs of most tech giants are a mystery to most of us. We hear plenty of stories about employee life, but much of what we learn is found via Google searches and online forums. 

While I may never bike across the Googleplex or dine with coders at One Hacker Way, it was interesting and cool to explore Redmond, see where Microsoft employees work, and meet the people behind the products and services we use each day.

Read on to get a peek at the different parts of Microsoft's campus and learn more about what I heard from executives during my visit.

(All images by Kelly Sheridan except where noted)

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