Quick Study: Sustainability and ESG

How to effectively handle environmental, social and governance issues for the long haul is a significant concern in IT today. Here are recent articles that highlight the trends.

James M. Connolly, Contributing Editor and Writer

February 7, 2023

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After a decade marked more by talk than action, interest in IT sustainability and green computing is getting serious. Of course, that assumes that top management and boards of directors truly want to make environmental goals more than just checklist items to satisfy advocacy groups.

Enterprise leaders seem sincere in exploring issues such as the carbon footprints of data centers and the best ways to measure the costs and benefits of reducing a corporation's negative impact on the world. That places IT, with all those humming boxes of silicon, right near the front of the line when it comes to showing the board what Company X is doing to become a better global citizen.

This Quick Study is a collection of recent InformationWeek articles focused on the environmental impact of IT, green computing and the emerging technologies that may help the IT team meet enterprise goals.

The CIO and IT Get Involved

IT’s Role in Sustainability and E-Waste

In an era when enterprises are concerned about sustainability, IT is still a primary source of electronic waste. How concerned should IT be about sustainability and e-waste?

Uniting Technology and Sustainability to Drive Value

The three key aspects of a sustainable technology strategy include sustainability by tech, sustainability in tech and sustainability at scale, according to Accenture.

Why CIOs Are Positioned to Lead the Sustainability Agenda

By taking on these six strategies, chief information officers can steer transformation and elevate their role within the C-suite, starting with the ability to measure their companies' carbon footprints, says EY.

Should Sustainability Be an IT Priority?

Everyone likes to talk about sustainable IT, with the high cost of a green data center being offset by long-term savings. But how many CIOs are actively including it as a priority?

Sustainability: Is Now the Time for IT to Get Busy?

In 2021, most chief information officers and IT leaders thought they had addressed environmental sustainability -- but 2022 presented another story. Here are six things to focus on if you haven’t already.

What the US Supreme Court Ruling on the EPA Means for ESG

If federal agencies lose some authority to enforce environmental protection measures, will corporate reporting on sustainability fall by the wayside?

Emerging Technologies Step up

How Digital Twins & Data Analytics Power Sustainability

Digital tools and technologies are helping businesses to rewire, reformulate, and repackage to support sustainability. But of course, IT needs to support those efforts, which may require new IT technologies that can help develop environmentally friendly products and services.

New Tools Measure Green IT, Sustainability Success

How can IT leaders know if they’re tracking greenhouse gas emissions comprehensively? The introduction of AI and machine learning are painting a clearer picture.

Cloud Monitoring Tools Help CIOs Reduce Carbon Footprint

The move to the cloud is not necessarily a carbon-free transition, which means businesses need to be folding cloud-based emissions into their overall environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy.

How AI is Making Smart Buildings Greener, More Sustainable

Advances in digital systems are making it possible to build and retrofit office buildings, datacenters, factories, and hotels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support maximum sustainability.

How Open Source Can Help with Climate Goals

The Inflation Reduction Act provides a huge opportunity for the United States to decarbonize its economy at an unprecedented pace. Open-source methods and tools are key to this transition.

Getting Started

How to Launch a Green Computing Initiative That Really Makes a Difference

A growing number of IT organizations are deploying green computing initiatives. Here's how to ensure sure that your project will actually meet its goals.

4 Tips to Reduce Cloud Emissions and Save Energy

As demand for corporate environmental accountability increases, there are steps IT administrators can take to reduce cloud-related emissions.

No, the Cloud Is Not a Green Technology

Since the cloud is nothing more than a rented data center that someone else owns, cloud computing itself can't be much greener than any other data center technology.

Driving the Right Results

Sustainability Takes Flight in the Travel Industry

Airlines, cruise lines, hotel chain and tour operators are turning to a wide range of technologies, tools, and initiatives to help optimize resources and maintenance.

Pathways to a More Sustainable Data Center

The technology reshaping businesses also comes with its own carbon footprint, with the use of energy-intensive data centers requiring a more sustainable approach.

Reining in the Risks of Sustainable Sourcing

Building more ecofriendly and sustainable supply chains is rapidly becoming a top priority for businesses. A clear strategy and the right technology that delivers visibility can reduce risks and improve results.

Why Sustainability Is the Next Priority for Enterprise Software

With expectations and demands rapidly evolving, we will see digitized sustainability solutions become the new normal, particularly for consumer goods manufacturers. To meet market and consumer demands, every enterprise will need to evolve their sustainability programs into being just as accurate and rigorous as that of financial accounting.

Sustainability Takes Flight in the Travel Industry

Airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains and tour operators are turning to a wide range of technologies, tools, and initiatives to help optimize resources and maintenance.

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Contributing Editor and Writer

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